Organizations that Help Single Mothers

Many charities situated across the country help single moms facing difficult times. The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Feeding America, Fellowship Housing, Parents without Partners, Bridge of Hope, Helping Hand for Single Moms are such nonprofits that offer programs to support single mothers. Locally based organizations could also be of use. At their centers, various services… Continue reading Organizations that Help Single Mothers

Loans for Single Mothers

Becoming a homeowner or a big-time entrepreneur as a single mother can be very challenging. With lots of expenses and bills to be paid and keeping up to the task of raising a child, buying a home or establishing a business of your dreams seems almost unachievable. But, there are accessible loans and lots of… Continue reading Loans for Single Mothers

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

Both the government and non profit organizations recognize the importance of taking care of single mothers in our societies. Thus, different steps and approaches have been taken to provide affordable and conducive shelter to single mothers. Some agencies make provisions for fully paid housing for only single moms. In contrast, others have come-up with subsidized… Continue reading Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

Grants for Single Mothers

Grants are funds or any other form of assistance that comes from an individual, group, foundation, institution, or organization that you do not need to reimburse. For single mothers, grants may be the support that helps achieve their dreams. Many mothers have been able to find shelter, nutritious meals, quality healthcare, and more, which they… Continue reading Grants for Single Mothers

United Way Assistance for Single Mothers

The United Way is a non-profit organization with worldwide operations. They partner with local private and public organizations to provide relevant information and solutions to people’s problems. As a single mom in the US, there are several offices of the United Way across the country; you can contact whenever you need help. The organization is… Continue reading United Way Assistance for Single Mothers