Rent Assistance in Tennessee

Help with Rent – Tennessee Single mothers are faced with various challenges when it comes to providing for their families due to the ever-increasing cost of living. Low-income families often have to compromise on essential needs such as food, healthcare, clothing, and transportation cost just to be able to make their rental payments. To keep … Read more

Rent Assistance in South Carolina

Help with Rent – South Carolina Single mothers in the State of South Carolina are given assistance to allow them to have a safe place to live. These services and programs allow them to be safe and protected through times of crisis. The programs are intended to guide the families on their journey to attaining … Read more

Rent Assistance in Oregon

Help with Rent – Oregon Access to safe shelter is a challenge particularly to single mothers that are low-income earners. This article has a few options in which single mothers can gain assistance. Churches and Charities Rent Assistance in Oregon Access is a non-profit organization that works with other private organizations to serve children, low-income … Read more

Rent Assistance in South Dakota

Help with Rent – South Dakota A shelter is one of the basic needs for each person. It can be a challenge to access safe and secure housing for low-income earning single mothers due to the extremely high rental payments. They can take up a large portion of their earnings and eventually will be stranded … Read more

Rent Assistance in Texas

Help with Rent – Texas Being able to make rental payments can be a challenge in a single-income home, particularly for single mothers. Due to that, there have been agencies that have developed programs to help with rent to ensure that single mothers keep their homes. These programs are discussed in this article. Texas Rent … Read more

Rent Assistance in Rhode Island

Help with Rent – Rhode Island Service providers that offer charitable programs to cater for rental payments aim to ensure that Single mother families are kept safe and protected at all times. Some programs require applications and applicants will be expected to align with certain eligibility standards. These standards are unique to each service provider. … Read more

Child Tax Credit

What is Child Tax Credit? Child Tax Credit is specifically designed to support American families with dependent children. The purpose of this benefit is to help families reduce tax liability and to boost their income. Please note that it can work best for you if you meet all the federal requirements. Read this article to … Read more

Rent Assistance in New York

Help with Rent – New York Single mothers in New York have experienced challenges when attempting to provide safe accommodation for their families. New York City is the largest city and is densely populated leads to having expensive rent and high housing costs. There are a few resourceful organizations that can assist single mothers and … Read more

Rent Assistance in North Carolina

Help with Rent – North Carolina In the attempt to adequately provide for their family, single mothers often find themselves having to transition from an anticipated salary to a fixed income which can be a challenge. The lack of economic stability coupled with unforeseen expenses can lead families and individuals to chronic homelessness. This has … Read more