Best Flexible Jobs for Single Mothers

As a single mom, the last thing you want to think of is worrying about what your kids might get into while you are somewhere trying to make ends meet. And of course, you can always visualize your dream job when you close your eyes tightly. If you are looking to start a career, there are a lot of competing priorities that you have to consider. Things such as job security, scheduling flexibility, the education needed as well as the income you are likely to get from it. It can be challenging to pick from the many careers available out there. This article will explain the best flexible jobs for single mothers.


Are you looking to start over with a more flexible job? Well, consider freelancing from home. There is a wide range of skills needed – from content writing, graphic design, to web design. Although technology is not one common industry for single moms to consider, it is one of the most promising work-from-home jobs you will find.

Become an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is considered one of the best flexible jobs for single moms. Starting your own business means you are the one in control of everything. With that, you can manage to balance your daily responsibilities and business activities because no one orders you around. You are your boss, and with the time you can employ someone to help you manage the business. You need to surround yourself with role models. Think of other single moms who run their businesses and entrepreneurs who can share their ideas and experiences with you.

Medical Assistant

Have you ever thought of becoming a healthcare professional? It is another ideal job for single moms looking to start over in the workforce. Medical assistants help with administrative and clinical tasks in hospitals as well as other healthcare facilities. They take details of your personal information, including name, location, and date of birth. They also measure your vital signs. This job is suitable for single moms not only because they are well-paying, but also due to the fact they are highly in demand.


Sales have one benefit – you are paid on commission which means you can always work harder to earn more. A sales job is also flexible since there some things you can just do from home while caring for your kids as well. Although it is not among the best jobs for single moms, its flexibility makes it an ideal job if you are looking to start over.


If you believe you have the power to convince, try marketing. Do you enjoy organizing parties and gatherings? Why not consider trying event marketing. If you are a skilled content writer, there are many opportunities in content marketing and copywriting. And if you spend most of your time on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, try social media marketing. Consider investing in roles that allow you to make use of your natural skills.


The common tasks that come with transcription include transcribing audio or written content, conducting reviews, and correcting errors in written content. The good thing about these jobs is – you can always do them at home. And of course, they are available in remote, part-time, and flexible schedule options that you can always choose from. Most of the transcription jobs require you to be able to type 75 words per minute. But this is something you can train at your own time and get yourself a high paying transcription job.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design involves creating visuals to communicate some ideas that attract customers. Graphic designers perform tasks such as designing labels and giving illustrations to brand identities. Why is a graphic design suitable for single moms? Just like transcription jobs, you can choose to work full-time or part-time. You can also choose to join freelancing, work in an office, or go for remote jobs.

Graphic design requires you to be creative and be able to accommodate other people’s thoughts in your designs. It is also about good time management and almost all moms know something about that.

Online Teacher/Tutor

As a single mom, education is something you interact with daily. You teach your child how to read, help them with homework and you have also taught them all their life skills. Joining education can be a great idea of earning some good income for your family.

Travel Consultant

This industry offers many virtual travel positions. Here, you will be required to manage travel arrangements for clients from – airline, cruise line, resort, and excursion bookings. The travel consultant is a flexible job that single moms looking to start over can take advantage of. Apart from the fact that it is well-paying, you work on your schedule, and you can work from home as well.

Accounting Clerk

Have you ever considered being an accounting clerk? Well, if you want to join the workforce, this is one of the things you should consider doing. Accounting clerks process transactions, prepare reports and provide clerical support to the department of accounting. You need skills such as bookkeeping, data entry, and word processing.