Grants for Single Mothers in Baltimore

More recently, the population of single mothers in The United States is on the high rise. According to the statistics, a whopping 80% of single-parent families are single mothers – in which a third of that population are subjected to living under poor living conditions. These statistics gives a sneak peek of the possible realities of most single mothers living out there. In this article, we will look at some of the financial support provided by various bodies which single mothers in Baltimore can become beneficiaries.

Public Works/Low Income Water Assistance Program

It is quite challenging to keep up with paying utility bills like water bills when the income you contend with is relatively small. Due to an inability to pay the water bill as at when due, you might earn yourself a shut-off. Public Works Assistance Programs comes to your help. They offer services to help these low-income families get a regular supply of water. Among the essential requirements for application is that you must be a Baltimore resident. To apply, you have to visit one of the offices below:

Northern Community Action Center, 5225 York Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21212, (410) 396-6084.

Southeast Community Action Center, 3411 Bank Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, Telephone number – (410) 545-6518
Eastern Community Action Center
, 1401 East Preston Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21213, Call – (410) 396-9468
Western District Community Action Center, 1133 Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217, (410) 396-0893.

Salvation Army, Greater Baltimore Area

Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families in Baltimore to get basic needs by providing with food, clothing, funds for rents, household items etc. Also, during festive seasons like Christmas, they offer gifts to low-income families. For more information about how to apply, for inquiries dial (410) 783-2920 or visit the official website of The Salvation Army of Greater Maryland at

Baltimore Catholic Charities Assistance Programs

These programs encompass all financial assistance programs offered by Catholic bodies to Baltimore residents which includes: Samaritan center, My Sister’s place children center, Anna’s house, Holden Hall, to mention but a few. These Catholic programs offer financial assistance ranging from providing shelter to low-income residents to other necessities food and various basic needs. The website of the Catholic Charities, Baltimore is or contact them at 410.547.5490 for more information.

Funds for Utility and Heating Bills

The heating and electricity cost can be somewhat overwhelming for families who contend with low income. The Baltimore Gas and Electricity (BGE) in collaboration with Community Assistance Network (CAN) have made it a possibility for those residents in Baltimore to be able to afford those costs. To learn more about the services offered by these programs, call (410) 285-4674.

Senior Community Service Employment Program

Those that fall into the age category of 55 and older are hardly considered when it comes to employment, and this is because they are expected to be retired or considering retirement at that age and as a result refused work by different companies. The sad reality is that sometimes men and women who Fall under this category might still have responsibilities weighing on their shoulders and might require work. The community service having discovered this problem helps to get them a job. For more information about this service, call 410.261.6765.

Medical Assistance

Affording the appropriate medical care without health insurance is almost impossible for residents who earn a low income. Numerous health centers in Baltimore provide low cost or free medical services for residents in Baltimore. To find a list of those health centers offering this service, you may easily do a web search like “free clinics near me“.

Baltimore Legal Support Services – MVLS

Getting legal advice or representation can be quite expensive for low-income residents. Still, with the subsidized services offered by these legal support programs in Baltimore, they can get the standard without having to break the bank. Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service. To get more information about how they operate, call (410) 547-6537.

Food Banks

Food isn’t something that anyone should lack regardless of how low your income might be; this is something that’s made sure of with the help of some of these Baltimore food banks. Some of the food pantries available to single moms in Baltimore are:

Bethel Outreach Center – (410) 728-2557.

Concord Baptist Church – (410) 367-1117.

Good Shepherd Baptist Pantry – (410) 462-5864).

St Elizabeth’s Church Food Pantry – (410) 675-8260

St Ambrose Housing Assistance

This institution offers assistance related to housing ranging from providing support in terms of rent payments, home repairs to giving help with paying electricity bills. So regardless of how low your income might be, with the availability of this service, you can be able to afford to pay for basic needs related to housing. For more information about how this program operates and to apply, call 410-396-5555. Alternatively, you can use their contact page at

With the previously mentioned financial assistance programs available for Single moms and low-income families living in Baltimore, single mothers can provide extra different types of assistance which would be helpful in their daily lives which may be quite challenging regarding their low income.