Grants for Single Mothers in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is one of the most prestigious state capitals in the United States. The city has a population of about over 221,599 people as of 2010. It is the one of the most populous cities in the country and is located at the center of the Greater Baton Rouge, which is one of the busiest and most significant metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. Single mothers here will find the resources listed below very useful in making their lives easier.

Churches and Charities Assistance

The spiritual well-being of the human and the mind is essential for mental growth, stability, and motivation. Despite the small populace of Baton Rouge, there are a handful of religious centers to reach out to that can provide different forms of aid and support. This support is vital because sometimes all a person in dismay needs could be a hug or someone to communicate with.

Christian Outreach Center: Single mothers of Baton Rouge have a perfect opportunity to witness God’s miracles through finding oneself and mingling with lots of social circles and meeting new people as well. The organization also has a golden eye for assisting the homeless and other people that need similar help. One of the other long lists of objectives set by the organization is also to try to support the needy citizens to achieve self-sufficiency. Every day lives are touched with life coaching programs that are capable of going a long way in the lives of the individuals. Visit and get the needed information.

Tam Bao Temple: It is known as one of the largest and oldest Temples in the whole state. The temple also has a weekly schedule for engaging activities where people from all works of life socially interact. The temple also supports annual fundraising programs to ensure that every single member is financially assisted. This is also a great place for single moms to pay regular visits when reaching out to the world.

Roman Catholic Diocese: The most laudable fact is the way the programs has changed many lives of people who seek maximum peace of the mind and tranquility of both the mind and the soul. Via, you can find some of the lessons of ministries and programs in the form of articles and multimedia. It is no longer a lonely world for single moms out there.

Medical Assistance in Baton Rouge

We need all need proper medical care available at all times. It is important to always to have access to sound medical assistance and emergency. There are low-cost and income based clinics in Baton Rouge that administers care to the underprivileged in the city.

Louisiana Health Access Program: This is a program designed to meet specified goals and achievement in conveying medical criteria in both financial and social issues. Different forms of services are provided, including those with optical and dental health issues.Call 225-927-1267 or check out the official website to make inquiries.

Baton Rouge Health Care and Hospitals: Managed by the Baton Rouge City council and Louisiana government. The multi-million dollar project was constructed to meet the demanding needs of more spaces for the accommodation of patients. Another goal was to ensure that quality health care is available at an affordable cost.Patients with burns, bone damages, optical and dental tests, as well as many other health issues get care here.

Financial Assistance in Baton Rouge

For single moms facing some form of hardship many organizations are located in the Baton Rouge area to assist. The organizations below will provide a level of financial aid to those in dire need of it. Cash grants can be used for rental payments, mortgage and even utility bills such as electricity, heating and gas. You could also get referrals and counseling on important matters. Some are listed below:

This groups have a history of helping the homeless or those facing eviction or foreclosure. Unemployed may also be able to find a job through any of these agencies. Programs which aim to make individuals and families financially independent is also given. You may also find services like credit and debt counseling, budgeting and foreclosure prevention counseling at their centers.

Food Banks in Baton Rouge

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank (225)-359-9940 works with other non profits to distribute groceries and meals to those in need. Their help care line can give you referrals to other non profits close to you that can help meet your nutritional and dietary requirements. Through their food drives, the underprivileged members of the community get canned food, household items and other essentials.

Streams of Life is an outreach ministry of River of Life. They send out food and household materials to other nonprofits groups who in turn distribute them to individuals and families. Single moms in Baton Rouge can get supplies from this agency, call them on (225) 771-8830

HOPE Ministries (225) 355-0702 and The Saint Paul Catholic Church (225) 383-2537 are other resources that you may find essential in your food assistance search.