Grants for Single Mothers in Boise

Programs for Single Mothers in Boise

The city of Boise is the heart of Ada County and the Capital of Idaho. Boise is a beautiful city lush with tall trees, vegetation and rivers. It is also culturally rich as many art galleries and museums can be found across the town.

The government of Ada County has provided some programs which will support single mothers in their journey as a parent. Other private bodies offer different forms of assistance programs to these families. Subsequently, all available help for single mothers in Idaho will be highlighted.

Rental Assistance in Boise

The United Way of Treasure Valley is a nonprofit organization based in Idaho. Single moms can get rental payments for this group. This agency also aims to ensure that all citizens of Boise have access to quality education, healthcare, and housing. Call (208) 336-1070  or visit for more details.

Help with Bills and General Assistance in Boise

Salvation Army of Boise

The Salvation Army has several locations across the Boise city area. The centers are used to render assistance programs for the underprivileged of the society. For those struggling with poverty, this group can help you get back on your feet at no cost. The Boise Salvation Army provides citizens with several support programs such as:

  • Client Choice Food Pantry: This is a food bank run by the Salvation Army to distribute meals to those who can't afford it. It is one of the largest food banks in the county and in addition to serving meals, could give out clothing and groceries.
  • Pathways Out of Poverty is a family stability plan which, as the name suggests, aims to help families out in their fight against poverty. It could provide jobs, financial literacy classes, and life survival skills.
  • Project Share is a Salvation Army program run in partnership with Idaho Power and Gas. It is a utility bill assistance that helps people pay heating bills by providing cash grants.

All these resources will be essential in helping single moms in Boise to get the help they need and will make their day to day living more comfortable.

Catholic Charities of Idaho

Catholic Charities is a social service agency that is part of the Catholic Church. Their staff is dedicated to finding innovative ways to help, which will bring about positive and long-lasting outcomes. The goal of this group is to achieve financial stability and a high quality of living for the residents of Boise. Individuals and Adults can take advantage of their counseling programs for those facing emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Adult education is offered at all their centers in Idaho. This will help then deal with the stress of living. Budgeting and Money Management is provided here to foster financial literacy. Contact the Catholic Charities of Idaho on (208)-345-6031 or visit

St. Vincent De Paul Boise

At St Vincent De Paul, people can get access to food, furniture, clothing, housing costs, and other basic human needs. This is done through donations, professionals in various field volunteers, and other trustees who come together to make it possible. The goal of this organization is to fight homelessness in the Idaho area.

Irrespective of race, religion, background, color, gender, sexual orientation, criminal status, disability, marital status, origin, age, and political opinions, everyone can receive help as they run a discrimination-free program that is available to all and sundry.

Some of these services include prescription and pill assistance, thrift store, food pantry, holiday assistance, and community meals. Dial their helpline on (208) 344-5403 or go to the website of St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho at

Food Pantries in Boise

Nutritional assistance and free meals are provided by a host of Boise city food banks. They distribute items like canned food, groceries, clothing, fruits, and vegetable. Most churches have either a soup kitchen or pantry where they serve food. The Idaho Food Bank, from time to time, will have food drives, which are to bring comfort to the needy in the community. In addition to serving meals, they also support other hunger relief and educational programs to increase the number of healthy families in the region.

Please note that not all food banks in Boise are mentioned here, has a full and up to date list of all food pantries in the Boise area.

Thrift and Discount Stores in Boise

Thrift stores may be a lifesaver for those on a tight budget. The city of Boise has many thrift stores that stock quality goods at fair prices. Some in the city are listed below:-

  • New Again Thrift Store, Web:
  • Thriftology Thrift Store, Phone: (208)-375-0408
  • Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, Phone: (208)-333-8001
  • Deseret Industries Thrift Store, Phone: (208)-375-4681

Free Medical and Dental Care in Boise

People who do not have medical insurance and cannot afford medical care may view healthcare as a luxury rather than a right. This is terrible because some deaths could have been avoided if only they had the required medical care they needed. The good news remains that some well-meaning clinics exist in the city of Boise that can help the insured with primary health care. is a directory of the free and income based clinics in Boise.