Grants for Single Mothers in Denver and Colorado Springs

The city of Colorado has many bubbling cites, two of which are Denver and Colorado Springs. Studies have found that the income of single moms living in these towns is barely enough for them and their children. Several financial grants and assistance are available to single moms who reside in Denver and Colorado Springs. They can take advantage of these programs.

Healthcare Assistance

Denver Health Financial Assistance Program: The Denver Health Financial Assistance Program (DFAP) is a Health program that assists with the payment of health services offered by Denver Health providers. Single mothers and residents that are not eligible for Medicaid, CHP+, or CICP could apply to DFAP. The size of the family and income level is considered during eligibility. DFAP is not health insurance. Applicants can not enjoy this program with other health insurance programs, like Medicaid and Medicare.

DFAP Medical Care: DFAP is a discount program that helps low-income individuals reduce the cost of health care services offered at Denver Health. Applicants only have to make flat fee payment for all the healthcare services. The type of medical care or service determines the fee charged. This payment will be your only fee. Single moms in Denver can apply for this kind of program. The new payment system will likely bring down the cost of healthcare in many cases. Only in emergencies, you may be asked to some payment to get care.

DFAP Dental Care: DFAP also offers assistance by offsetting the Dental Services bill for some Denver County residents. For those that do not have coverage or that are not under a medical assistance program. Eligibility depends on resources, income, and household size. DFAP Dental, pay part of some dental services so that the individual will not pay the full amount. With DFAP Dental, patients get the benefit of paying a percentage of the cost for the services rendered. This percentage is son income, resources, and family size. The only exception is in an emergency. The patients are meant to make a deposit payment before receiving treatment. The deposit is structured on income, family size, and resources.low income single moms in Denver can apply to get benefits. For more details about enrollment and eligibility status about the Denver Health Financial Assistance Program, Kindly visit

Financial Assistance in El Paso Colorado

Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs: The catholic charities operate The Hanifen Center. This program is run to provide for the basic needs of individuals, single moms, and families. Some of the services rendered by the organization include shelter and rent help, housing, employment counseling, transportation, life skills, education, mental health services, medical or physical health, job training, and childcare referrals. Financial assistance to offset some emergency bills can also be provided on a limited level as funding allows. For more information about the program, you call them at 719.636.2345.

The Salvation Army, El Paso County branch: The Salvation Army, El Paso County branchis another local nonprofit organization that offers lots of assistance programs. One of the programs offered by this organization is the family services, which help with cash grants and several forms of help. For individuals, single moms, and families that are facing some crises in life and financial hardships. A few of the services offered are rent help, cash for utility bills, free food and clothing, Christmas assistance, and several emergency needs. The Salvation Army of Colorado Springs serves more than 36,000 of these needs yearly. And it also includes about 8,000 emergency meals to seniors, homeless, elderly, and others in the El Paso area. If you like to contact them, their number is 719.636.3891. Salvation Army Centers;

908 Yuma St. in Colorado Springs. You can reach them at (719) 635-1287)

901 S. Sante Fe Ave. Fountain, Colorado 80817. The contact number is (719) 382-9230)

These centers both offer Family Services. They can render emergency assistance to people that are having life crises. They can help with free food, Christmas assistance, clothing, utilities, and other emergency needs. The needy, poor single mothers, Senior citizens, and the homeless can get help.

Foreclosure Assistance Programs

Pikes Peak Foreclosure Prevention Partnership: This agency offers some services and resources. The organization can work with the mortgage company, bank, lender to enable the owner to continue to stay in the home. The agency can encourage the homeowner to seek cash assistance or financial help from family and friends to meet up payments. The agency can also assist in getting a second mortgage on the individual’s or family’s home to bring the first mortgage current if the owner is currently employed. The partnership can also direct families and individuals to other local nonprofit groups and charities for short time help. You can call them to book an appointment at 719-444-8833.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service: They have an office located at 5265 N Academy Blvd, Suite 1000 in Colorado Springs, CO. Their call number is 719) 598-2227. HUD approves them. They can assist homeowners with mortgage troubles. They can help to address predatory loans, foreclosure prevention, and provide counseling services to delinquent borrowers. They can even work directly with banks and lenders to resolve a foreclosure.