Grants for Single Mothers in Detroit

Programs for Single Mothers in Detroit

Detroit, also known as “The Motor City” due to a large number of car plants that exist in the town. Detroit has the largest population of single-parent households (mostly moms), nearly 72%. These statistics make Detroit the largest city to have such a large number of single-parent families in America as a whole.

It is a known fact that most single mothers do not have enough resources to provide for their families. For this reason, many organizations, and the government of Detroit, organize various programs to reduce the burden on Single Moms in Detroit. In this guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at these programs and how single mothers can benefit from them.

Financial Assistance in Detroit

Many single mothers in Detroit struggle financially and cannot afford to pay for their necessities. Several nonprofit and government organizations offer counseling services and cash aid to help in sorting out bills. Below are organizations that provide cash aid in Detroit are:-

  • Detroit and Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency work with other nonprofits and government agencies to organize different assistance programs. Their goal is to ensure every family achieves stability. Resources provided are emergency rent, utility bill assistance, help with housing, food, and many more. For inquiries, you can call +1 313-388-9799 or visit their website at
  • Society of St. Vincent DePaul in the Archdiocese of Detroit. They render assistance through the various Catholic parishes situated in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  Diverse needs are catered for; it may be financial aid, clothing, and food. Click here to learn how you can get in touch with them today.
  • Emergency Cash Loans. Loans are another option for single mothers that need emergency cash to offset a few bills. Many organizations I’m the Detroit area offer payday loans with low-interest rates. Visit to find the one that suits your needs.

Subsidized Health Care In the Detroit Area

The importance of healthcare in the life of every individual cannot be undermined. Single moms in Detroit struggle to access qualitative and comprehensive medical care due to the low income they receive. Several clinics in Detroit provide healthcare services at a reduced rate to the low income and uninsured people of the city. Many organizations exist to reduce this burden, and they are:-

Saint John Health System

This community clinic located in the city of Detroit provides the required medical care to the needy. Most of the medical assistance they provide is free, while others are available at a sliding fee rate. Services they render include immunization, nutritional support, medical diagnosis, and treatment of minor ailments. Call 313 567-7462 to get in touch.

Detroit Community Health Connection

They give single mothers in Detroit access to necessary healthcare facilities. The income level of the patient determines the medical bill to be paid. They also provide other services like immunization and physical examinations. To contact them, Call 313 897-7700.

Cass Community Social Services

Cass Community is a clinic located in Detroit. They provide several services, which include free drug tests and prescription amongst other primary healthcare services. Call (313) 833-1168 for inquiries.

Apart from these clinics mentioned, other clinics offer healthcare to low-income families and the uninsured. You can check to find them.

Food Banks and Pantries in Detroit

Numerous food banks exist across the city of Detroit that assist single mothers and their children with low-cost or free meals. To find a food pantry near you, visit or dial 810-239-4441 to contact the Eastern Michigan food bank.

Housing Assistance in Detroit

Single mothers in Detroit may find it challenging to afford conducive housing. For this, several nonprofit organizations, and the government of Detroit provide housing assistance to families in need.  This assistance covers rental payments, moving expenses and housing deposits. There are also housing vouchers that HUD section 8 provides to single mothers. The Detroit Planning and Development Department receives funding from the federal government, which is used to assist single moms in Detroit. These funds are then used to provide help to moms in financial debt to relieve them. Applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements before they can access this grant. You can visit their website at for more information.

Crisis and Emergency Assistance in Detroit

The Salvation Army renders help to single moms in Detroit through the various branches that are located throughout the city. The centers distribute different kinds of assistance, which include housing assistance, housing, and shelter, help to pay utility bills. They also offer free meals, foods, and groceries. You can locate the nearest salvation army center by visiting

City of Detroit Department of Human Services

This organization provides information about grants and financial assistance available to single moms in Detroit through their community services division. Low-income families in Detroit can get advice on programs like Head Start, Utility bill assistance, Tax Assistance, Emergency Food programs, amongst others. The office address is listed below along with their contact numbers: 6821 Medbury St, Detroit, MI 48211, United States. Call +1 313-926-8600

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