Grants for Single Mothers in Henderson, Reno, and North Las Vegas

If you are a single mother living in any of these cities, you need to read this article to find the right financial grant and assistance that would suit your bills and needs. Check your town in the section below.

Financial Assistance For Single Mothers Living in Henderson

Free Food and Clothing Assistance
  • Highland Hills Baptist Church

The Highland Hills Baptist Church provides an open pantry that gives out food items and provisions to only needy residents of Henderson and Boulder City every Thursday of the week. Visit their food pantry now at 615 College Drive, Henderson, NV 89002. Or go to their website to see more details.

  • Hendersonville Seventh-day Adventist Church

Phone: 828-697-4288


With a food pantry and clothing closet made available on-site, the Hendersonville Seventh-day Adventist Church gives out free grocery bags, cold wears, small gifts, and many more to underprivileged individuals.

Rent and Utility Assistance
  • Hope Link of Southern Nevada

The agency assists low-income earning individuals and families with cash to help pay for rents and other utility bills. Call (702) 566-0576 for inquiries or visit

  • HELP of Southern Nevada

Phone: 702-369-4357


Designed to help the homeless individuals and families of Henderson (Southern Nevada), the program aids provide stable housing to the different populace of the Southern Nevada who are without shelter. They also offer little to medium rental assistance to households so that they can survive on their own.

Medical Assistance
  • Southeast Primary Care Clinic – VA

The SPC offers services such as Counseling, Primary Health, and Health Education to individuals and families who do or do not have any health insurance or are low-income earners. Financial assistance to pay the medical bills is given by the clinic to individuals regardless of their income. Open from Mondays – Fridays; you can visit their clinic at 1020 S Boulder Henderson, NV 31642, or call them on (702) 791-9030 for more details.

  • Henderson Public Health Center

Phone: 702-759-1040


Though their fees are not 100% free, they offer services such as Immunizations, Pregnancy Care, and Primary Care to individuals and families who do or do not you have insurance. Their fees vary on the income of the individual or family.


Financial Assistance For Single Mothers Living in Reno

Free Food Assistance
  • Gate of Life Christian Center

The Gate of Life Christian Center helps give open food items and meals to single mothers who are not able to afford them. They also provide free meals during holiday celebrations such as Christmas and Easter at their pantry. Call them on (775) 674-3777 for more details.

  • Saints Vincent Food Pantry

Phone: 775-786-5266

Address: 500 E Fourth Street Reno, NV 89512

Food items and groceries such as Canned Fruits, Baby Formulas, and bread are given out to needy families and individuals living in Reno.

Rent and Utility Assistance

  • Restart

Phone: 775-324-2622


The organization runs a program that provides free temporary rent or utility assistance to eligible individuals until they can adequately maintain their household. Even though you are not able to receive cash for leases, you will get case administration services.

  • Community Resources Division

Phone: 775-657-4675


Eligible Nevadans living in Reno get assistance with their home bills, such as electricity from the program offered by the Community Resources Division. Although eligible families and individuals receive a one-time per year profit paid.


Financial Assistance For single Mothers Living in North Las Vegas

Free Food Assistance
  • James Seastrand Helping Hands of North Las Vegas

Phone: 702-649-7837


They provide free food and funding assistance to the disabled individuals of North Las Vegas who are above the age of 60 and are low-income earners. Call their number for more details.

  • Helping Hands of Vegas Valley

Phone: 702-633-7264


The HHOVV operates a free food pantry that gives out stocks of non-perishable items to eligible individuals and families who are underprivileged. The food items can be delivered or get picked up at one of their food pantries. Call their number to get food items delivered to you or visit their website for more details.

Employment Assistance
  • Las Vegas Nevada Employment Resource Center

Phone: (702) 649-1012


The center gives free mentoring and workshops to job-seeking individuals so that they can find employment opportunities. It could also serve as a place where members could gather together to discuss. The center is open to the public.

Medical Assistance
  • Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada Free Clinic

Phone: 702-967-0530


Medical volunteers work together to provide free medical services to low-income individuals and families without health insurance. To receive free medical care from the clinic, you must be without medical insurance, earn low-income, must have lived in Southern Nevada for a stipulated period, and many more. Visit their website for more inquiries.

  • Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

Phone: 702-952-9564


Open every week, the Hope Clinic provides medical and dental care services to low-income individuals and families at no cost. Although the Dental section of the clinic is only made available to the homeless.