Grants for Single Mothers in Louisville

Single moms are unsung heroes. As a single mom, you have the responsibility of taking care of all affairs regarding yourself and kid(s), which is no small feat because, in a typical family setting, the mother and father share the burden.

The utility bills to be paid for, the tuition fees, the money for upkeep and the essentials, weighed on a single adult. This guide will give some insight into some of these financial grants and aids that are put in place by public and private bodies to ease the burden of being a single mom in Louisville.

Highland Community Ministries

This non-profit organization is one among the many ministries in Louisville that expands its ministerial work to helping the less privileged to afford necessary human luxury, particularly with paying rents and water bills.

All you have to do to claim this offer is to be a Louisville resident. To book an appointment or get more information about the financial aid services they render,  call 502-451-3626 or visit their website at

Foreclosure prevention and mediation in Louisville

This is an assistance program that is jointly pioneered by Louisville and Jefferson county. It is common knowledge that people, in a bid to get a loan put up their homes as collateral, and if they default on paying up, the lender comes along to foreclosure. This occurrence has happened one too many times in Louisville to arouse the intervention of the city's council to set aside a body that intercedes for these debtors to help them strike a deal with the lenders to prevent the eventual foreclosure of the houses.

Call 1866-830-7868 to learn more about how they operate.

Salvation Army Louisville Command

Salvation Army, Louisville is a non-governmental organization that offers assistance for the less privileged as regards shelter, rent, funds for utility bills, food, clothing, and other very essential services that one might need aid within a low-income family.

Also, during festive seasons like Christmas, they offer meals, toys, and gifts to the children living in Louisville to spread the love and joy that is the norm at Christmas.

To apply for this assistance and to know more about this group, visit or dial 502-671-4900

Summer Relief Heat Program

Summer could be very harsh, and it is even worse for low-income families who can't afford to get a functioning air conditioning unit to survive through the intense heat.

The summer relief program is an intervention program that is implemented by the community action agency (a faction of LIHEAP) to help these low-income families with members who have health conditions that will worsen under sweltering conditions to get a supply of air conditioners and fans.

To apply for this assistance or to get more information about how this works, call (502) 564-3440.

Louisville Water Company

Water they say is life. Many struggling Louisville residents find it challenging to afford to pay water bills hence getting their water supply cut short.

The Louisville Water Company, in their little way, help by providing customers in Louisville with offers to improve their water needs in the case of emergencies. These offers may extend to Louisville residents who are struggling with low-income and help pay a portion of their utility bills.

You can reach the Louisville Water company at 502-583-6610 to  get more details about their assistance program.

Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership

Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership is one of many assistance programs for Louisville residents that helps with ensuring that the low-income earning homes don't stay hungry.

As an extension, they also offer clothing assistance to the residents of Louisville who can't afford proper clothing.

For more details and information regarding this program, call (502) 574-1157.

University of Louisville Healthcare

UL Healthcare is one of the numerous health centers in Louisville, offering free medical services and ensures that residents who are incapacitated to afford expensive health care get the appropriate healthcare services. To find out about their services, go to or dial (502) 561-8850.

Presbyterian Community Centers

This health center must be featured to have multiple options.

Residents can enjoy subsidized medical services under the privilege of Medicaid (a government health insurance program in the U.S).

To get more details about how they operate, call (502) 584-0201.

Legal Aid Society

Legal services can be quite pricey, and for low-income families, it might be considered a luxury to afford. The Legal Aid Society has spotted this anomaly has come up with services for these low-income families in Louisville to get representation and legal advice at free or no cost. If you have any case that might need legal intervention ranging from assault cases to rent eviction cases, please do well to call 502-584-1254.

This list might not be extensive enough to cover all services available for low-income families and single mothers. It is sufficient enough to cover all the programs necessary to help you out to enjoy proper living conditions.