Grants for Single Mothers in New York City and Buffalo

No doubt, New York City ranks top among cities with the highest cost of living. This should be a tough one, particularly for single mothers trying to provide for their families.

Are you a single mother in New York City or Buffalo struggling to make ends meet? There is a range of programs tailored to assist low-income families and individuals with some basic needs. Here’s a list of programs that offer assistance to single mothers in New York City and Buffalo.

Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in New York

Various nonprofit organizations offer a range of assistance schemes to single moms in New York. One of these agencies is the Salvation Army, New York, targeted at providing numerous forms of assistance programs to needy homes – like single-mon led families. Through their various centers across the city of New York, help like cash grants, rental assistance, utility support is provided by this group. Visit to find the various centers situated in New York.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York, can also provide some level of financial assistance to those in need. Depending on the resources available, emergency financial aid is given to single mothers in debt. More services they offer include nutritional support, job referrals and training, eviction prevention, and many more. Find out how you too can also benefit from this program at

Highbridge Community Life Center is a community center that offers cash grants for rental payments, utility bills, and housing. Their main office is at 1434 Ogden Ave, The Bronx, NY 10452. You can contact them via telephone on (718) 681-2222.

Single mothers in Buffalo city have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to assistance programs. Organizations like the Salvation Army, Buffalo (716) 883-9800, St Vincent de Paul (716) 836-0011, and Catholic Charities Buffalo (716) 896-638 can help out during their time of need. Some of the ways they can assist are cash grants, rental aid, bill payments, housing assistance, and even food. Get in touch with any of the nonprofits mentioned above to get the essential support immediately.

Housing Assistance

New York City Housing Authority: Single mothers in New York City can find accommodation through the New York City Housing Authority. NYCHA is the largest provider of housing facilities for low and moderate-income families in the five boroughs of New York. With various housing developments and projects across the state of New York, single moms can find the shelter they badly need. has all the resources required to benefit from this agency.

The Community Service Society of New York (CSS): The CSS of New York City helps the community in different ways. The main focus of this organization is to prevent homelessness in New York City, and this is evident in their programs. Grants for payment of rent, Foreclosure prevention, income support, relocation aid are just some of the plans they cover. Single moms can visit for more information or dial (212)-254-8900 for inquiries.

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority: This program offers public housing facilities to low-budget families. The housing scheme may also help such families obtain section 8 vouchers. The initiative helps settle a part of your house rentals – based on your income – while you pay what’s left. For more information on the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, visit, or Call (716) 855-6779.

Legal Help

Here’s an opportunity opened for New Yorkers to access free legal services and information within the state. Those with low income can qualify for this scheme. A range of legal firms in New York City offers statewide legal assistance to residents. Legal Services of New York City has many offices across the New York City that can provide single moms with legal aid. Their workforce comprises lawyers, paralegals, and other volunteers who are always willing to take up your case. Find out more details at

Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo, this firm has been around since 1912 – so they have a lot of experience in legal issues. Single moms in Buffalo can get legal representation and counseling on foreclosure, housing, employment, and education. You can schedule an appointment by calling 716-853-9555 or visit the website of Legal Aid Buffalo at

Food Banks in New York City and Buffalo

New York City and Buffalo are home to many food pantries that offer low-income individuals and households food assistance. Their programs are designed to encourage healthy eating for those whose income may be inadequate to provide a balanced diet for their families. If you are a single mother in New York City and Buffalo, take advantage of this food support. Besides offering nutritious meals for good health, it could help single parents save reasonably on feeding. Most offer hot and tasty meals to those in need; groceries could also be given. To find the nearest food bank, visit

So, if you are a single mother in New York City and Buffalo, do well to take advantage of these opportunities and cut down on your legal consultation expenses.