Grants for Single Mothers in Omaha and Lincoln

Help for Single Mothers in Omaha and Lincoln

Single mothers in Omaha and Lincoln, the two most populated cities in Nebraska, are fortunate indeed. The reason being that when it comes to grants and financial assistance, there are many nonprofits, non-governmental and governmental organization that render various forms of programs and services.

Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska, hosts government and nonprofit agencies that can help single mothers. Residents of Lincoln, which is the capital of Nebraska, can also apply for available assistance programs. This guide will give a detailed insight into these benefits.

Food Banks in Omaha and Lincoln

The importance of food in the life of any individual cannot be understated. Single mothers in Lincoln and Omaha can save money on food and groceries by visiting food pantries near them. Every month, food banks across the two cities hand out food boxes to the needy, free meals are also given out.

Some Food banks in Lincoln with their contact numbers are listed below:

  • Food Bank of Lincoln Inc. (402)-466-8170
  • Norris Area Food Pantry (402) 792-2901.
  • Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Lincoln (402) 474-1600.

Food pantries available to residents of Omaha are highlighted underneath:-

  • Food Bank for the Heartland (402)-331-1213
  • Vineyard Food Assistance (402)-393-9077
  • Heartland Hope Mission – Millard (402)-733-1904

Kindly note that list does not cover all the food banks available in Lincoln and Omaha. To find the nearest food pantry close to you, please visit

Salvation Army of Omaha and Lincoln

The Salvation Army is a charitable organization that is always one of the first calls for single mothers in dire need of help. This comes as no surprise due to the large number of services and programs they provide at no cost.

Their programs cut across various sectors of life which are rental and housing assistance counseling, emergency cash grants, food and nutritional aid, homelessness prevention and other services. Those at risk of disconnection, possibly due to defaulting in paying the heating and utility bills can also get help. Irrespective of faith, the Salvation Army will assist if they can; it is a non-discriminatory organization. Through their various centers in Omaha and Lincoln, single mothers and the needy get their basic needs met.

Single mothers resident in Lincoln can call 402-474-6263 while those living in Omaha should dial 402-898-7700 for inquiries. You can also visit their centers for how you can benefit.

Charities' and Churches' Assistance in Omaha and Lincoln

Catholic Charities is a social service organization that provides a range of services which single mothers can become beneficiaries. Through their food pantry, people have been able to get free meals at no cost. Clothing, housing and financial assistance are also given by this nonprofit. Omaha single mothers should visit while Lincoln residents should go to to find out more about the Catholic Charities in their own archdiocese.

Free Medical and Dental Care in Omaha

Elderly individuals, disabled persons, and eligible pregnant women can get health care services from various free clinics. Several hospitals offer dental and medical care to low-income residents in Omaha. The uninsured can benefit from the free medical services available to them. Payment at the various clinic differs, it may be free of charge while others may offer their care at subsidized rates.

Single moms in Omaha can get free medical checks, medication, vaccinations and many more. Some of these centers and their contact numbers are listed below:

  • Creighton Community Health Center (402)-558-9242
  • North Omaha Area Health NOAH Clinic 402-933-0737
  • Charles Drew Health Center, Omaha 402-453-1433

Single moms in Omaha can locate the nearest free clinic nearest to them by going to

Legal Help in Lincoln and Omaha

Single moms residing anywhere in Lincoln and Omaha get legal representation if they cannot afford a lawyer. Various legal professionals can help single mothers that cannot afford to pay for legal services. Legal Aid of Nebraska is a nonprofit firm that can help low-income individual and residents with legal matters. This law firm handles a wide range of civil cases from child support to housing they can help with all. Lots of centers are situated across the state of Nebraska of which covers Lincoln and Omaha cities. Omaha's office address is at 209 S 19th St #200, Omaha, NE 68102 while the Lincoln center is at 941 O St Suite 325, Lincoln, NE 68508. The website of the Legal aid is

Lincoln Action Program

Also known as the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties. This is the primary organization that renders help to single moms resident in Lincoln through its support programs. This community action program strives to combat poverty and ensure everyone has a chance of a good life. Some of the programs they provide are homelessness prevention, childcare, food and nutritional assistance, access to emergency cash and other essentials. Job training and employment referrals can also be given. The office address of the LAP is 210 O St, Lincoln, NE 68508, they are open between the hours of 8:30 AM to 5 PM. For more details, go to or dial (402) 471-4515.