Grants for Single Mothers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa

Single moms in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can benefit from various financial grants and assistance provided by several agencies. Nonprofit and government organizations in Tulsa and Oklahoma city offer help and financial support to single moms to reduce the burden of childcare, utility bills, rents, and healthcare bills. We have listed below some of the grants and assistance available to single moms living in Tulsa and Oklahoma city.

Grants for Single Mothers in in Oklahoma City

Financial Assistance

Oklahoma City Catholic Charities: This organization has multiple centers in Oklahoma City. The workers and volunteers of the organization are committed to assisting the needy through difficult times. Programs like Family Hope will help participants with finding employment and suitable housing. As residents are learning through case management workshops, some financial help may be provided to help them pay rent and some utility bills. Assistance may also be provided for other pressing needs. Other available assistance in Oklahoma City includes food, and help for seniors and immigration assistance.

Dental and Medical Assistance

  • D-Dent, Inc: This agency offers free dental cleaning and assistance to low-income elderly, needy, and disabled residents in Oklahoma City. You can call (405) 424-8092 to know more.
  • Healing Hands Health Care: They offer comprehensive medical care at low costs. They run local clinics, and they also give medications, equipment, and many other health services. They can even provide free insulin if it is can Call them at (405) 272-0476.
  • Kings Klinic: This clinic renders medical and health care services to residents of Oklahoma City. It also provides prescription services for women, men, and children in the Oklahoma City area. You can call (405) 848-4005 to know more about this program.

Food assistance, General Assistance, and Clothing Assistance

  • Eastside Church of Christ gives free clothing, free food, and holiday assistance. Single mothers can get help from this church. You can reach them at (405) 732-0393.
  • Lighthouse Family Church: They can provide food and shelter to low-income residents and single mothers alike. Their telephone line is (405) 390-3100
  • Baptist Mission Center : (405) 235-6162) and Church of The Redeemer ((405) 427-2106) both of these centers offers food assistance to needy. They do not give cash.

Utility Bills Assistance

The Salvation Army in Oklahoma City assists residents by helping them pay utility and other bills. This organization is known to provide support to hundreds of people each month. They are always making moves to raise additional funds so that they can assist more people in need. Partnership has been in existence between the Salvation Army and ONG for the past two decades. And together, they have rendered help to thousands of families across Oklahoma city in the past through a program called Share the Warmth. 

Emergency Financial Assistance in Oklahoma City

Upward Transitions: Homeless individuals and single moms may get assistance with legal document retrievals like marriage licenses, birth certificates, state ID purchases, deposits for public housing and utilities, and other essential services. Families that have children under below the age of 18 and elderly that are 55 years or older may be provided with rent or utility assistance if they have an eviction notice or disconnection notice.

Also, those in crisis can get social casework help from caseworkers. You can Call (405) 232-5507 to know if these services are currently available. The Upward Transitions is at 1134 W. Main Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106.

Grants for Single Mothers in in Tulsa

Utility Bills Assistance

The Salvation Army offers emergency financial help to Tulsa county residents. This program is a year-round program. It helps Tulsa County residents and single mothers that are finding it a bit difficult to meet their basic financial needs. This assistance provides funding for utility bills and grants to help pay rent. Call (918) 582-7201

The Tulsa DHS (Department of Human Services)  helps residents to processes applications for the Oklahoma Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This will assist individuals in Tulsa county with grants for winter heating bills, energy crises, summer cooling, and weatherization services. They can also render other energy-related home repair assistance. This assistance is for qualified low or moderate-income residents. Single mothers in Tulsa can apply for this program.

The Weatherization Assistance program can help households in Tulsa county to reduce their energy bills. The assistance program can help with free installation services. Major Upgrades to people’s homes like new windows, insulation, caulking, and several other services can be provided under this program. People can get cash grants that can be used to pay utility bills under the LIHEAP program.

Clothing and Groceries: Needy and poor residents in Tulsa county can benefit from this program. Lots of clothing and household stuff are made available in Tulsa County by several distribution centers, churches, stores, and other non-profits agencies. Low-income families and needy individuals, and single mothers can receive free clothes, vouchers, or gift from these Tulsa based organizations. Other materials offered may include diapers, baby wears, and work suits.