Grants for Single Mothers in Washington, D.C.

Programs for Single Mothers in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a state of many opportunities. Single mothers living in the capital of the United States have access to several grants and financial assistance. Most of these grants are easily accessible, while some require proper documentation and identification. As a single mother residing in Washington, below are the grants and assistance that you can benefit:

Financial Assistance in Washington, D.C.

Low-income single moms in Washington can benefit from charities. The Salvation Army, Washington hosts a vibrant charity, and they have centers all over the state of Washington. The Salvation Army helps needy single moms with resources that can be used to pay for utility bills, rent and settle other needs. In case you need financial assistance as a single mother, you can locate any of the Salvation Army charity centers in Washington. Visit to find the center closest to you.

Rental Assistance in Washington, D.C.

Another area single moms may struggle to cope is paying rent. Washington, D.C. has been the capital of the United States has a very high cost of living. Rent prices are a bit on the upper side, and single mothers may find it challenging to adapt. Many organizations in the city of Washington have seen this problem and offer a wide range of programs that can help. Some of the organizations are:

Everyone Home DC

Formerly known as Capitol Group Ministry, this organization strives to ensure that everyone in Washington, D.C. can reside and stay in affordable, convenient and safe homes. They aim at assisting people on the verge of homelessness to get back on their feet. Single moms in Washington can take advantage of their programs by visiting their center at 920 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018 or via telephone at (202)-526-0017

Catholic Charities DC

Many people have received help from various Catholic Charities across the United States. Those in crisis and need help can get it from them. The primary service they provide is emergency rental assistance. With the funding they receive, they help single moms facing eviction to find new dwellings. Walk-ins are not accepted, and an appointment must have been made over the phone before beneficiaries can come in. Go to to find out if you are qualified for this program.

Change INC DC

This nonprofit was founded in 1954 to make a difference in people's lives. Single mothers who have received evictions notices, disconnected or cut off utility, experiencing crisis making payment difficult, can be assisted. The phone line of the Change INC DC (202) 387-3725.

Many more agencies give out emergency rent, provides a full directory of the organizations in Washington DC that render rental assistance.

Food Banks in Washington, D.C.

Getting good food is never easy for those on a low income. Numerous factors may prevent this, and It could be the price, availability, among others. Food banks in Washington, D.C. offer free meals and groceries to single moms in need. Some are listed below:-

Capital Area Food Bank

Over 30 million meals are distributed yearly by the Capital Area food bank. Their goal is to spread tasty and nutritious meals to those coping with hunger. By working hand in hand with various partners which include eateries, farmers, wholesalers and even community members, they serve meals to those who need it the most. Their official website is or call +1 202-644-9800.

Bread for the City

Food is not the only service they render. Other benefits they give are clothing, legal services and healthcare. This nonprofit has identified that more than a quarter of Washington, D.C. residents earn a low income and has vowed to help reduce that number. Go to to get in touch with Bread for the City Washington DC today.

Crowder Owens Food Bank

Located at 600 W St NE, Washington, D.C. 20002. They serve hot meals and distribute groceries to the needy in the city. People in financial crisis can also get clothing from this agency. Dial 202-635-9053 to find out how you can benefit from this nonprofit.

For a full list of the food banks situated across the Greater Washington area, is a directory that will help locate more.

Affordable Healthcare in Washington, D.C.

For those on a low income, comprehensive healthcare might be a luxury that they cannot afford. In Washington, D.C., many clinics can help to reduce the cost of medical services. Most fees are paid on a sliding fee scale. Some essential services such as checkups, dental care, immunization can be given for free depending on the center used. provides a full list of the free clinics in the Washington area.

Legal Assistance in Washington, D.C.

Free legal help is available to single moms in Washington, D.C. This program makes it easier for Washington residents to have access to nonprofit law firms, attorneys and Pro-bono legal assistance for civil matters. Lots of single mothers cannot afford an attorney. This program comes as a great relief for many. Organizations like the DC Bar Pro Bono Center DC can help. Call them on +1 202-737-4700 to find out how they can assist.