Help with Bills for in Delaware

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Delaware

Single mothers who are low-income earners dream of giving their families a consistent, comfortable lifestyle. This can be a huge challenge because a large fraction of their earnings is reserved for utility bills and other essential needs. Due to observed strain on their finances, some organizations have developed programs to assist them in effectively providing for their families. In this articles we will discuss the services offered by various organizations in Delaware to help single mothers to combat their financial constraints.

Help with Electricity Bill in Delaware

A company known as Delmarva Power provides services and programs to assist single mothers in need. They offer energy assistance, help to customers with special needs, and they developed ways for neighbors to help neighbors. The organization educates its customers on ways in which they can minimize their electric bill. Their budget billing program assists single moms to predict their monthly energy costs and this allows them to budget for it. The power company partners with the Salvation Army to provide benefits of energy assistance their customers. Another program they have is the Good Neighbor Energy Fund that is intended to serve customers facing financial challenges.

The link below has a compilation of energy service providers in Delaware that have similar assistance programs.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Delaware

Beebe Healthcare is a non-profit that specializes on services such as women’s health, cardiac and vascular, oncology, surgical services, and orthopedic services. They provide a range of emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and diagnostic services. Patients who are uninsured or under insured may be given a discount on billed charges given that the claim is paid within a month. Patients from families with an income that aligns to the Federal Poverty Level qualifies for the hospital's charity program. The Financial Assistance Program remains valid for one year, given that the eligibility of the client doesn’t change.

Help with Transportation Bill in Delaware

Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, that depends on the donations from foundations, individuals, churches, corporations, churches and civic associations to serve single mothers in need. These donations can either be financial or in the form of goods or services. They provide bus passes and tokens. They also offer transitional housing programs, shelter to families facing homelessness, including single mom families.

The Community Transit of Delaware County, Inc. provides trips to all members of the community. Passengers must first become registered before scheduling a trip. It is a nonprofit transportation company that offers service to the general public.

Help with Food / Meals in Delaware

An emergency food service known as the Cape Henlopen Food Basket (CHFB) gives help to citizens that are in need of assistance. Once a person requires food assistance more than 3 times in a 3 month period, they are referred to the Delaware State Social Services for help before being sent back to the CHFB for further assistance. The organization gives all beneficiaries the same food. The Food Basket provides a 10 day supply to families in need which includes frozen and canned food, supermarket voucher that give them access to perishables such as eggs, fresh milk, and margarine. The food is donated by the local supermarkets, the USDA, through grants to non-profits, and by organizations and individuals in the community.

Help with Household Items in Delaware

A non-profit organization known as Atlantic Community Thrift Shop (ACTS) is committed to helping the youth as well as individuals or groups in the community that require help with household items, monetary assistance and clothing. Those in need can access gently used, clean, household accessories, linens, clothing for the whole family, shoes, and dining & kitchen items, amongst other things. The organization is operated and managed by volunteers.

Help with Clothes in Delaware

The non-profit organization known as In Her Shoes, Inc. was established exclusively for Women. They nurture, facilitate, and restore confidence through this service that is offered to women who are experiencing financial challenges, trauma, or incarceration. They are dedicated to encouraging women in gaining financial independence.