Help with Bills in Alabama

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Alabama

Low income families can find it difficult to make ends meet due to the expensive utility bills, therefore several organizations and churches have developed a variety of programs to assist and fully cater for that need. In this article we will discuss utility assistance programs that are available for Single moms in the State of Alabama.

Help with Electricity Bill in Alabama

The ABC Trust is a non-profit organization created by the Alabama Power stockholders to enhance the efforts in offering energy assistance. This trust together with local community action organizations to assist in covering the cooling and heating bills for low-income earning single mothers and families or individuals faced with short-term financial problems. To access the ABC Trust programs, families and individuals should get in touch with a community action agency. The Trust assists people by educating them on ways to be more energy efficient and how to weatherize their houses.

Help with Water Bill in Alabama

The Jefferson County Committee for Economic Opportunity (JCCEO) manages a number of programs for low-income families which will be ideal for single moms. They have an assistance program that provides once-off financial assistance to eligible families to cater for expenses such as water, rent, or buying prescription medication. The fund is applied for and the approval is dependent on availability of funds and the documented need.

Help with Healthcare and Medical Bill in Alabama

The Heals Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides dental services and health care for free to qualifying low-income single mom families. The organization delivers quality, accessible primary health care for children through collaborative efforts with the dental, medical, and optometry communities. The families are provided with education on the management of chronic diseases. They learn various ways that they can lower their medical and health care expenses.

Help with Food and Meals in Alabama

The Manna House provides food assistance to people in need. The donations used to sustain the organization are obtained from businesses, civic groups, individuals, and churches. They provide food provisions daily for families and individuals who are either homeless or are low-income earners in the community. The essential foods obtainable include bead, canned goods, desserts, and breakfast items.

The Woodmont Baptist Church runs a Food Pantry Program. Their food distribution ministry helps single mom families in need. To have access to the program, an application process must be completed through the Personal Ministries to allow for the needs to discovered and verified, the supplies and food are distributed to people in need by the food pantry ministry team.

Help with Household Items in Alabama

A non-profit organization known as the Community Furniture Bank specializes on the delivery, storage, and pickup of donated household goods, appliances, and furniture, appliances. The organization receives donations including funding support that is offered by businesses, churches, individuals, and several other corporate and charitable foundations. Their aim is to construct a long-term support to warrant long standing fund that will continuously serve the community through the help of many charitable citizens, their goal will in a little while become a reality.

Help with Clothes in Alabama

The Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) assists the less fortunate women and children to elevate their appearances and fight the discrimination they encounter daily. The GBM has a mission to lessen this discrimination by offering quality, free clothing to people in need, through their program known as the Clothes Closet. They not only provide basic clothing, but they also offer all bits and pieces an individual requires for different occasions and purposes. These include school uniforms, business attire, shoes, socks, belts, jewelry, undergarments, deodorant, nail polish, shampoo, hair dye, feminine hygiene products, lotion, and diapers. The objective of the Clothes Closet is to improve each person’s sense of self-esteem, and self-confidence.