Help with Bills in Arizona

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Arizona

The assistance programs given to low-income earners have become very instrumental in ensuring that single mothers adequately take care of their families. The programs allows them to significantly lower their cost of living and give their children the best opportunities they can.

Help with Electricity Bill in Arizona

The Wild Fire Organization aims to end poverty through the Home Energy Assistance Fund (HEAF). The funds help low-income earning single mother families in paying their electricity, heating, repair of appliances, and cooling bills. The program is supported by the funding from utility providers, abandoned utility deposits, and private donations.

Help with Water Bill in Arizona

The Glendale Water and Power (GWP) is a utility company with programs that have been designed for customers that are low-income earners. The main facility is identified as the Helping Hand program. It assists by facilitating donations from members of community, providing grants, and emergency financial assistance, to assist in paying bills. The funding can be utilized for bills such as the reconnection deposits, water, and electric. Eligible single moms can benefit from the bill assistance offered by the Helping Hand. Their funding can be utilized to for a variety of deposits, depending on the requirements of the applicant. The funding they offer is for one time assistance only.

Help with Heating Bill in Arizona

Broadway Christian Church provides help to the community in a variety of ways including heating bill assistance, free food, haircuts, and clothing.

The Arizona Public Service (APS) has programs that offer deductions to eligible limited-income customers. The program assists in helping families and individuals to be able to manage their bills.

They also have a facility to help in the bill payment. The organization gives support through the fund and they also have the required infrastructure that allows them to manage emerging community needs. There are stipulated guidelines, eligibility requirements for the program. The fund is applied for using an online application. Their online grant application is always open to partners who work along a similar aim as that of the APS.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Arizona

The Phoenix Children's Charity Care Policy was initiated to find and help patients without the financial resources to pay in full or portion of their financial liability for services delivered and this will be used to establish if the applicant qualifies for the Phoenix Children's-based financial assistance. The policies allow for decent deductions and this protect uninsured or low income patients and guarantee fair and reliable collection practices.

Help with Food / Meals in Arizona

The Nourish PHX is an organization that provides food boxes to help those in need. This is made possible by donations from corporations, individuals, grocery stores, organizations, and food banks. They provide emergency food and clothing services during weekdays.

Help with Household Items in Arizona

The Furniture Bank is a non-profit organization that was established to help those in need when moving into a new house by offering a variety of household items and furniture. Their goal is to work together with the community to furnish each house with furniture, beds, linens, household items, and include essentials such as food, toiletries, and groceries.

Help with Clothes in Arizona

The Clothes Cabin is a clothing bank that provides quality clothing, shoes, hygiene items, and linens for free to help those in need. The beneficiaries may visit in three month intervals and obtain no more than 10 clothing items per individual. The clothing bank helps families, individuals, and children to get a more fruitful life by offering them quality clothes, shoes, and several other support services.