Help with Bills in Arkansas

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Arkansas

It is a challenge when a large portion of earnings is directed towards the payment of bills and expenses. This affects the standard of living of an individual and particularly single mothers. The financial constraints can eventually lead to homelessness. Fortunately there are some organizations in Arkansas that have developed programs to help those in need and they will be discussed in this article.

Help with Electricity Bill in Arkansas

Arkansas Energy Network is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a regional fuel fund as well as information to residents about their electrical needs. The network informs single mothers about the various electrical assistance programs available and where to access them. Utility programs are can be obtained from charities, churches, and other organizations through an application process. The organization is well equipped with information on the various programs conducted by energy providers to help single moms to pay their electrical bills, these also include payments plans.

Help with Water Bill in Arkansas

River City Ministry is a faith-based organization that assists with payments such as water bills, rent, and other utility bills. They work with different groups in society including low-income earning single mothers, the homeless, and anyone needing help. The ministry offers day shelter for families and individuals as well.

The Central Arkansas Water (CAW) has assistance programs residents that align with low income guidelines outlined by the CAW. These programs offered to assist them with their water bills. The funding is provided by donations, company administered resources, the Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund, and a combination of government assistance and private grants. They aim to support single mother families faced with a financial crisis leading to the disconnection of their water service. Local businesses and non-profit organizations have assisted the CAW to create and fund the Help to Others Fund. The fund offers support and financial assistance to income eligible customers that require help. The funding raised is designed to help seniors and families with young children in paying their bills.

Help with Heating Bill in Arkansas

Source Gas Arkansas provides a heating bill assistance service known as The Hearts Warming Homes program. The assistance program is operated each year from November to April. The help and cash grants are founded on the need therefore single moms are not expected to align to strict income guidelines.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Arkansas

The organization known as the Arkansas Family Health Foundation is a nonprofit that funds a program known as the ARcare. It is a community healthcare network offering inexpensive medical and dental care. They offer an outreach literacy program as well as an early learning center for children up to 5 years old. The ARcare Center for Education & Wellness and the ARcare Pediatric Medical Clinic combat obesity, provide food for families in need and eliminate illiteracy. The organization aims to offer the chance to enhance their health and establish healthy communities by development and funding education, economic development, wellness, and transportation-related initiatives.

Help with Transportation Bill in Arkansas

Fayetteville has a Transportation Program that is intended to offer low-income single moms, the elderly, and the disabled residents. The service consists of two main programs, in an attempt to provide a better service to the community. The two programs are the Transit Program and the Taxi Program. To have access to the service an application is required. Applicants can only participate in one program at a time.

Help with Food / Meals in Arkansas

The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance advocates to reduce hunger through their various initiatives such as the Feeding America food bank, volunteers and corporate partners, hunger relief agencies. They are devoted to delivering food resources, programs, and education to reduce hunger in their community. Arkansas has six Feeding America food banks. These food banks function as distribution sites for food and other relief items that will then go out. The groceries are given out to families and individuals in need by soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, and any other non-profit organizations that gives foodstuffs to the hungry.

Help with Clothes in Arkansas

The Little Rock Compassion Center Inc. is focused on a ministry that helps those experiencing hunger, homelessness, and those who are under-resourced in the community. The ministry is solely funded by donations. The clothing is given to those in need. At the shelter they provide warm showers and a clean change of clothing in the evenings.