Help with Bills in California

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - California

Economic hardships can put a strain on the low-income earning families, particularly single mom families. The families pay a large percentage of their earnings on bills and this could lead them to starvation and eventually homelessness. To help such families, different organizations in California have designed programs and services to cater for them. The programs are intended to relieve the financial strain and give those in need a chance to work towards financial independence. In this article we will discuss the different programs that are available to single mothers.

Help with Electricity Bill in California

An organization known as the Association of California Community and Energy Services (ACCES) is a non-profit that helps statewide non-profits provide low-income services to their communities. The organization offers instrumental opportunities with the federal and state energy efficiency programs

Help with Heating Bill in California

The Great Northern Services is an organization that aims to help low-income single mothers to develop economic independence, and this improves rural communities. They offer services to cater for the needs of residents. These services include weatherization and energy assistance, food supplies distribution, and references to more useful resources.

Help with Phone Bill in California

Telephone assistance is offered by the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) is a program conducted by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that gives a discount on selected telephone programs and discounts for broadband services to hospitals, libraries, schools, and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Funding that enables for the discount is derived from a surcharge paid by telephone customers on their phone bills every month.

Help with Food / Meals in California

The Central California Food Bank is committed to eliminating hunger in their community. They offer food to several agencies in different counties and serve individuals and families in need, including single mom families. The organization quickly grew and the Central California Food Bank acquired its first home, which was a small warehouse and it has grown exponentially since then. The food bank aims to fight hunger by gathering and supplying food, participating in associations that promote independence of the community members, and by offering community leadership on matters linked to lack of food.

Help with Household Items in California

The San Francisco Smiles (SFsmiles) organization aims to provide basic essentials of living to individuals and families in need. Their goal is to establish a community that has all their essential needs fully catered for. They do this by giving each person the chance to live a healthy and fruitful life. The organization collaborates with other social service organizations and partners to provide programs that serve people who are low-income earners, those facing a challenge of being homeless, people living with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence. SF Smiles gathers donations of usable and clean household items, furniture, clothing and other basic essentials for single mother families and individuals in need their community. They work together with several local social service organizations to distribute these goods through their programs to benefit those that need them, as well as to add to general operating supplies for the programs themselves.

Help with Clothes in California

The organization known as Sharia’s Closet provides emergency clothing for free to those facing financial difficulties or crisis. They assist children with uniforms to help them to attend school with self-confidence and avail professional attire to adults and teens to boost their confidence when going to interviews or to the workplace. The organization helps members of the community that are in need and this includes low-income earning single mothers. They link with members of the community that are in need through direct recommendations from a wide-ranging and long-standing association with service agencies and schools.