Help with Bills in Colorado

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Colorado

The strain on the income received by single moms is usually caused by unforeseen expenses. This can lead low-income earning single mother families to choose between paying utility bills and purchasing essential necessities such as food and medication. With the help of a few organizations discussed in this article, families will be able to survive and have their basic needs catered for.

Help with Electricity Bill in Colorado

The Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) organization provides financial assistance for essential necessities to assist in stabilizing single mother families in need and inhibit homelessness. The organization offers services, and advocacy to support families and build a strong community. The financial assistance is accessible to eligible families as a direct payment to vendors. The funding can be used to cover some expenses such as:

  1. Electrical bills
  2. Rental payments
  3. Medical expenses
  4. Car repairs
  5. Taxi fare

Help with Water Bill in Colorado

The Denver Emergency Assistance Services under the Catholic Charities organization offers financial assistance to help with the water bill, rental payments and other utility payments for families and individuals. Some of the documents that the applicant is required to produce to be able to access the financial assistance are as follows:

  1. Any form of Identification with a picture
  2. Proof of residence
  3. Documentation of the emergency

Help with Heating Bill in Colorado

The Bridge of Hope Inc. is an organization that serves single mothers and their children. They help those who are at risk of being homeless or those facing homelessness. Families that participate in the program receive help with heating bills, rental assistance, and thorough case management to help them to achieve their independence.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Colorado

A non-profit organization known as the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI) is a health advocacy organization that helps people to access health care and not be restricted by poor benefits, affordability, and unfair practices. The CCHI represents clients to improve the availability of health care. Through their Customer Assistance Program they tackle issues such as surprise bills, insurance claim denials, and other health coverage issues. They also assist in comparing hospital financial assistance programs, and discussing payment plans with healthcare service providers such as clinics, doctors, clinics, and hospitals. They even go on to recommend ideal health coverage enrollment assistance and to other programs such as energy and food assistance.

Help with Transportation Bill in Colorado

The Community Budget Center uses the funds are generated through store sales to offer low-income earing families and individuals gasoline for transportation, utilities, rental payments, temporary shelter, and other essential needs. The funding is limited to once a year for each household. The assistance is accessible at the beginning of each month. The program is available based on the availability of funds.

Help with Food / Meals in Colorado

Cross Fire Ministries is a large organization that is committed to giving groceries is fundamental to the families in need. The organization also offers food, clothing and essential items needed. They provide guidance and education that inspires equips them for financial responsibility.

Help with Clothes in Colorado

Clothes to Kids of Denver is an organization that aims to make people feel confident and comfortable. The shop has a wide variety of quality, stylish, and clean clothing in all of their departments to cater for everyone. They have a department dedicated to students as well. This assistance is offered to children that align to the following situations:

  1. Their family is experiencing a financial crisis
  2. They are in the foster care
  3. They as asylum seekers
  4. They get services from different organizations