Help with Bills in Connecticut

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Connecticut

Everyday single mothers work hard for their families to provide a comfortable and stable lifestyle for their children. The expensive utility bills put a strain on their budged and that leads to them having to compromise on essential necessities. In this article we will discuss organizations in Connecticut that have programs that can assist them in eliminating the need to compromise.

Help with Water Bill in Connecticut

The Connecticut Water Company (CWC) has established a program to serve customers who have consistent with the payment of their water bill but they are facing some financial difficulties leading to their account being in arrears. Their one-time hardship program offers assistance to households that do not align with the income eligibility criteria for the other programs. The fund can cover the entire or a portion of the balance due on the single mom’s water bill. Clients who contact the CWC are first directed to the local social service agency to determine if they qualify for the program. If not they will be directed to the Help to Others (H2O) program or any other available assistance services. Once the application is successful, the assistance fund is issued directly to the applicant’s account.

The application to the One-time Hardship Program is provided by the link below.

Help with Heating Bill in Connecticut

The Community Renewal Team (CRT) manages an Energy Assistance program that aims to assist in the payment of heating bills for low-income earning single mothers. The assistance is available to both homeowners and renters. They offer weatherization services that assist in making homes more energy efficient and that helps in decreasing the cost of heat and utility costs. They provide free core services in properties all over Connecticut to eligible families. Their certified technicians will:

  1. Install measures to save water
  2. Seal-off all drafts and air leaks
  3. Install light bulbs that are energy-savers

Help with Transportation Bill in Connecticut

A private non-profit agency known as the Eastern Connecticut Transportation Consortium, Inc. (ECTC) focuses on the consolidation and coordination of paratransit facilities for low income earners, people living with disabilities, and the elderly. The organization interacts with other agencies that may offer transportation in the same area.  This allows them to provide a variety of services to their clients without compromising the transportation services. Their coordination process assists to attain higher effectiveness in the use of private and public funds.

Help with Food / Meals in Connecticut

The anti-hunger organization called End Hunger Connecticut! (EHC!) is committed to reducing hunger and encouraging healthy nutrition. They partner with state and local officials, community-based organizations, and schools. They provide food assistance programs that are essential in ensuring the well-being of single mother families.

The Meriden Soup Kitchen feeds hungry families and individual in the community. They provide one meal during weekdays. Volunteers cook and dish up the meals. The meals comprise of a hot entrée that is hot soup, a carbohydrate and a vegetable, bread and butter, freshly made salad. The meal is served with either hot or cold beverages, and topped off with a selection of desserts.

Help with Household Items in Connecticut

The organization known as the For Goodness Sake helps those who were once homeless or were living in unsafe environments and are transitioning into permanent housing. They provide basic furniture such as beds, a couch, a chair or a table. For single mothers to have access to the assistance they are first screened and referred by local social service agency partners.

Help with Clothes in Connecticut

The Dress for Success organization helps women on their journey to achieving economic independence. They provide professional attire to assist women who are attending job interviews and during their first weeks of employment.

The Yale Hunger and Homeless Action Project (YHHAP) manages a Clothing Closet with a goal to offer new as well gently used clothing and accessories to those in need. The YHHAP is a non-profit organization, run by students.