Help with Bills in Georgia

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Georgia

There are numerous organizations in the State of Georgia who have realized the need to offer assistance to low-income earning single mothers. They help them in reducing their everyday expenses and this enables them to adequately provide for their families. In this article we will discuss organizations that can help with utility bills and how the assistance programs can be accessed.

Help with Water Bill in Georgia

The Social Services Database Inc. provides assistance to people with past due water payments and are likely to be disconnected. An appointment is set to submit the current utility bill. They issue out financial assistance to cater for water assistance. For single mothers to qualify for the program, they must align with income limits in place.

Help with Heating Bill in Georgia

An organization known as the Heating Energy Assistance Team, Inc. (HEAT) assists low-income earning individuals and families in paying their heating bills. HEAT is able to provide energy assistance through the support from local businesses, citizens, and state and local government. The fund is distributed to the general public in December. They also work collectively with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) to distribute the natural gas assistance funds. HEAT developed a numerous assistance programs that offer funding dedicated towards paying off past due heating bills for customers.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Georgia

The Georgia Charitable Care Network (GCCN) delivers standard healthcare services to low income residents including single moms. They provide health care to uninsured families and individuals at no cost to the taxpayers. They run non-profit Charitable Clinics that offer services to uninsured, and vulnerable residents. They offer preventive services, and finance their work through donations, grants, and patient fees. The Care is delivered by volunteers and paid providers irrespective of a patient’s ability to pay. Health care services are offered at Free Clinics at no cost to the patients. They offer an array of medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision services to.

Help with Food / Meals in Georgia

Never Alone is a non-profit food pantry. They serve the community by providing food supplies to last a month at no cost to families in need. To access the help, the clients should register and set appointments for their shopping days. They offer individual assistance to each client. The organization has a Food Pantry and Warehouse where volunteers assist clients in shopping. The food is collected from churches, businesses, schools, and from members if the community.

Help with Household Items in Georgia

The Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure Inc. (HOME) is an organization established to assist Single Mothers who are going to school or working. They give them necessary resources to refurnish, restore, and rebuild homes of Moms who are in desperate need of starting over, emerging from divorce, and survivors of domestic violence to name a few. Only single mothers with children that are below 21 years are qualify to apply. For those with children above the age of 18, there must be proof that the children are attending high school or college.

The assistance application form is provided by the link below.

Help with Clothes in Georgia

The Community Assistance Center (CAC) offers free clothing to single mother families requiring assistance. The clothing is obtainable the thrift shop called Upscale Thrift. Qualifying families get clothing vouchers for each family member. The free clothing assists families by offering the essential needs of clothing to allow for their limited income to be used in paying for necessities such as utilities and rent. All clothing is donated by the community. The program is run by volunteers. They organize the store daily, and take in donations. The center accepts donations of gently worn, clean clothes, accessories, and shoes, as well as home goods and furniture.