Help with Bills in Idaho

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Idaho

When facing a financial crisis, basic needs tend to be hard to get. Single mothers who are low-income earners can find it difficult to support their family, therefore some companies have developed programs and services to help them to provide all the basic needs for their families. This article will detail a few of the organizations in the State of Idaho that offer these services.

Help with Electricity Bill in Idaho

Idaho Power assists customers to develop a payment to help in paying the bills. They enable clients to make payment arrangements that allow them to spread the balance into multiple payments. The company has a winter pay program the help those who are behind on a bill, single mothers children under 18 years, elders who are at least 62 years, or individuals whose health conditions would be greatly affected by loss of service. The Winter Pay Program is a spoken agreement to make monthly payments to keep the account from getting behind during the winter months.

Help with Water Bill in Idaho

The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA) has a charity organization known as Water for People. The organization aims to encourage the improvement of the quality drinking water services that are available to everyone. They plan events to be able to raise funds for the projects they take on. PNCWA is a state association committed to education, distribution of technical and scientific information, and endorsement of public laws and programs in the water resources and associated environmental fields.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Idaho

The Pocatello Free Clinic aims to deliver good health care to families and individuals who cannot afford medical care. They provide services that enhance the health and well-being of their community through disease prevention, education, and continuity of care. The Clinic offers free dental and medical care, including prescriptions and labs, for the uninsured.

Help with Transportation Bill in Idaho

Valley Regional Transit is a public transportation authority that manages a variety of transportation services including public specialized van services, bus transit, paratransit, and Park and Ride. They work with different organizations and government agencies to develop accessible and affordable options.

Help with Food / Meals in Idaho

The Hunger Coalition has a facility of a food pantry. They offer food distribution four days a week. Single mothers in need of food assistance, can have access to three weekly food distributions. They provide supplemental groceries. To access there are no qualifying documentation required.

The organization aims to provide healthful foods to families and individuals in need. They provide nutrient rich foods while taking into account the cultural appropriateness, caloric requirements, and living situations. They allow people to choose the food that suits their diet.

Help with Household Items in Idaho

The Birthright organization helps women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Birthright has a wide variety of services available to women in need. They provide help by offering essentials such as baby items, pregnancy testing, housing, medical, counseling referrals, and maternity items.

Help with Clothes in Idaho

The Guest House operates as a Free Clothing Distribution Center intended to help those in need. Single moms can have access to free clothing for themselves as well as for children and infants.  They have a variety of clothes, shoes, accessories and purses. The clothing distribution is done once a week. Each person is allowed to select 6 clothing items and 1 accessory. Items that are classified as accessories are shoes, hats, socks, ties, purses and scarves. They offer assistance once a month.

To access maternity clothes, work clothing, and sizes that are hard to find, a request must be made.