Help with Bills in Kansas

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Kansas

The utility assistance programs that have been initiated by several organizations are available to low-income earning single mothers and other groups in the community that are in need. Through these services, single moms are able to lower their cost of living while maintaining the standard of living for their families. This article discusses a few organizations in the State of Kansas that offer utility assistance and gives details on how to gain access to the assistance offered.

Help with Electricity Bill in Kansas

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) offers assistance by paying bills for customers who are facing challenges due to unforeseen emergencies or health issues. The program is known as the Customer Hardship Payment Service program. They provide the service in collaboration with the United Way, to residents that are in need of one-time financial assistance that can be used to cover the power and water bill. The company aims to provide good services to the community at reasonable prices. Some of the eligibility requirements include:

  1. Evidence of lack of income
  2. A beneficiary of the BPU services for 6 months or more.
  3. Evidence of the expenses causing the delay in the payment of utility bills
  4. Proof of residence at the billed address.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Kansas

A non-profit organization known as the Peterson Center on Healthcare gives good, affordable healthcare and is committed to serving the community. They work with the U.S. healthcare to establish an effective solution that will improve the quality of healthcare and lower costs. Their programs are intended to improve the healthcare delivery by providing patient groups, prayer, and employment.

Help with Food/ Meals in Kansas

Kanbe’s Markets gives single mother families and individuals access to fresh, healthy foods to areas where residents have access to affordable and healthy food. They aim to reduce food insecurity by running a distribution model that assists more people. The organization is able to fight food insecurity through donations from various groups in the community. They collaborate with local wholesalers to acquire good produce and also offer services that include:

  1. Replacing and delivering fresh produce everyday
  2. Providing the basket racks and coolers
  3. They eliminate the risk of store owners having spoilt food
  4. Sending food waste to be used as compost by local farmers

Help with Household Items in Kansas

Giving the Basics is an organization that aims to help single mothers by providing household essentials. They assist families that have no access to government assistance programs. The organization offers items such as shampoo, laundry soap, deodorant, and other personal care hygiene products. Their goal is to assist low-income families with small children, and students including other groups in the community. The products assist children to go to school feeling comfortable and they ensure that single moms can gain employment. Various assistance organizations receive household products from the Giving the Basics organization to enable the service to reach a lot of people.

Help with Clothes in Kansas

The Clay County Clothes Closet is organization that is dedicated to assisting those in need of clothing in the community. Their goal is to avail clothing to families and individuals after establishing their need for assistance. They assist individuals that have been referred by partner organizations. The clothing assistance is offered for free. Volunteers at the organization help with the fittings and managing the store. The referral agencies include, schools, churches, and social service agencies of all types. Applicants are encouraged to select an agency that they are more comfortable with and familiar with.