Help with Bills in Louisiana

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Louisiana

The cost of utilities can be unbearable especially during the winter months. These expenses can lead single moms to spend a large portion of their earning on paying bills and this eventually leads them to homeless. To address this need, various organizations in Louisiana have established programs that help single mothers to lower the cost of their monthly bills. This article will discuss the organizations in detail.

Help with Electricity Bill in Louisiana

Energy Wise is a not for profit organization with a main focus helping low income generating families including single mothers being assisted in terms of electricity bills. They achieve this through transforming the energy profile by raising awareness to communities becoming more energy savvy, addition of new technology or features to older systems, so as to save energy and money. Subsequently improving the air quality, carbon footprint. They offer education through, DIY workshops, presentations to community groups.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Louisiana

Iberia Comprehensive Community Health Center offers health services. The healthcare services are offered regardless of difficulty to pay, to couple their assistance package they have discounts and sliding fee schedules available for individuals and families including single mothers to cushion expenses. Their service package covers the medical services across the board from diabetes to other chronic conditions. In their package also comes wellness services that include diet programs, personal training, weight loss plans. Iberia Comprehensive Community Health Center also houses a pharmacy where medicines are priced at discounted, competitive prices.

Help with Food / Meals in Louisiana

Second Harvest Food Bank is assisting the combat against hunger by providing emergency food assistance through food access, advocacy, disaster response and education. The nonprofit organization provides food and support to community partners and programs across several parishes in the state. Through the food distribution programs, nutrition education, community kitchen meal service, and public benefits assistance, the ultimate goal is to bridge the poverty gap.

Help with Household Items in Louisiana

Renesting Project, Inc is a non-profit community program, contributions of monetary value, tangible donations of furniture and household items enable them to have a furniture bank. The core purpose of this scheme is assist in the smooth transition into permanent housing, by providing basic furniture and household items. This assistance program has provided furniture and household goods free-of-charge to many families, single mothers included in need each year.

Help with Clothes in Louisiana

Care Help of Sulphur Inc. is a charitable organization that provides help to those who need emergency assistance in the community. This program functions as a community mission whose needs are year round. Monetary donations and donations of new or gently used items such as clothes and shoes, are sold in their Thrift Store. The organization utilizes donated items and recommendations from the Social Services Department to help those in need. They can receive items such as clothing, beds, shoes, furniture, and household items after a disaster or starting over.

Christian Community Ministries (CCM) is a non-profit organization to assist the less privileged communities in Louisiana. This organization provides clothing for men, women, and children in need of clothing and other utility assistance needs.  Weekly evaluation of client’s crisis and needs are done. After the interview, the volunteers help each client to select clothes from the store. No payment is required from the client to receive the food or clothes. CCM is has been established as clothing ministry, providing clothing and clothing accessories at no charge. This project utilizes donations to assist those in a crisis to pay for their utility bills, prescription bills, pay for fuel or buy bus tickets, they also help in exchanging household goods for those with homes that have been damaged by natural disaster.  A fully stocked food pantry with a floor full of canned goods to give rations to those who need them.