Help with Bills in Nevada

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Nevada

Single moms in Nevada are consistently fighting to stay afloat and provide for their children. That said, it can become extremely daunting for them to pay all their utility bills on time. As a result, we've listed programs and organizations that will assist them with their monthly utility bills.

Help with Electricity Bill in Nevada

The Nevada Energy Assistance is a statewide program that helps people pay their energy bills. This includes gas, fuel and electricity. They work hand in hand with utility companies and they credit all the utility accounts of eligible candidates with an amount that is worth one year's payment of electric bills. The more people you have living in your house, the larger the benefit you will receive. In order to qualify for this, you need to be a resident of Nevada and you should be earning lower than the average salary. Visit their website for more details:

Help with Heating Bill in Nevada

The Nevada Energy Assistance Program's purpose is to lend a hand to single moms and other low earning citizens in the state of Nevada. The program is especially handy when it comes to heating bills because they tend to spike when the temperature drops really low. People who already participate in other programs like the Medicaid and SNAP automatically qualify. To read more on eligible requirements, visit their website at:

 Help with Healthcare in Nevada

There are two programs that Nevada residents can turn to for affordable or free healthcare. First off there's the Medicaid program which caters to low income families with a special emphasis on homes with children under the age of 18. Benefits include all types of doctor visits and hospital stays, provided that they are not for cosmetic purpose. Secondly, there's the Nevada Check Up is a healthcare assistance program designed to cover struggling residents who aren't eligible for Medicaid. Visit their website for additional details:

Help with Telephone Bill in Nevada

Single moms in Nevada can get food assistance from the CALL FRESH Project. Benefits of this program includes nutritious foods from selected retailers in the state. The food stamp is available if you're earning less than the income limit, if you're unemployed or even if you're a legal immigrant. To determine eligibility, program administers also look at the size of your household and whether it consists of minors or elder residents over the age of 60. You can get additional details from their website here:

Help with Clothing in Nevada

Al's Closet supplies second hand clothing for all age groups, including toddlers. It’s the ideal place for single mothers  to find season-appropriate clothing for their children, as well school supplies. The program supplies brand new items too like school supplies. Although the items are delivered directly to various schools, there are thrift stores people can turn to, to pick all the items they need. Through the AL's closet assistance project, each school receives about $1500 worth of supplies for donations. You can visit their website at:

Help with Household Items in Nevada

Household items are as important as clothing, especially when you're referring to items like bedding supplies and chairs. However, they tend to be pricey, which is why the Salvation Army has a thrift store built specifically for several affordable items like clothing and furniture.The Salvation Army's requirements are a little less strict than most assistance programs, however, preference will be given to people who are in a state of emergency.Find your nearest thrift store on their website at: