Help with Bills in New Jersey

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - New Jersey

New Jersey is a fairly stable state in terms of economic activities .In spite of that, single moms are still battling to keep up with utility bills. That being said, here's a list of programs that strive to make it easier for single moms to pay their utility bills.

Help with Electric Bill in New Jersey

Although there are several state programs available to assist people with their electric bills these programs tend to have strict eligible requirements. Also, because of high demand, not everyone can qualify. The NJ Share project caters for people who don't qualify for mainstream energy benefits. It gives out grants of $1200 max, $700 for your gas bill and $500 for your electric bill. Find out how to apply here:

Help with Water Bill in New Jersey

The NJ share program is a nonprofit organization that facilitates bill payment for thousands of residents in New Jersey and the rest of the country. Although they primarily provide energy assistance, they also provide help with the water bill. Single moms who need help with their water bill must firstly be customers of the NJ Water Company and from there they can apply for a maximum grant of $250 meant to be used on their water bill. Visit this website to find out how to apply:

Help with Heating Bill in New Jersey

The Universal Service Fund is a program that makes energy bills more affordable and manageable for individuals and households whose combined annual income lies below 185% of the poverty line stipulated by the federal government. Unlike most benefits, the USF ensures that the people who earn the least get more attention and financial assistance. They're able to do this with the help of an income percentage calculation. Therefore, your income level is indirectly proportional to the level of assistance you'll receive. You can get additional details here:

Help with Telephone Bill in New Jersey

The Lifeline Program is a government endeavor with the objective of making internet and monthly telephone bills affordable for single moms and low income households. However, it's worth nothing that only one discount can be given per household. To be eligible, residents must either have an income level that is lower than 135% of the poverty line, or they must be participants of one of the major state financial assistance benefits like Medicaid. Read more on how to apply and which documents to submit here:

Help with Healthcare in New Jersey

NJ Family Cares is a healthcare program that single moms can turn to for medical coverage for themselves and children. As the name suggests, it covers all age groups and genders. It also covers people with long term diseases. The NJ Family Cares ensures that the low-earning population is able to afford doctor visits and other basic healthcare needs. It features an extension known as the managed care which records and carefully monitors a patient's health needs. You can find more information by visiting this website at:

Help with Food in New Jersey

The New Jersey Food Stamp Program can be used to supplement your monthly groceries. This is different from a food bank in a sense that qualifying candidates get unprepared foods such as rice, spaghetti and other groceries. Participants of the food STAMP get cards with points that correspond to the value of food items that may purchase from pre-selected stokes. Your income is an important factor used determining whether you are eligible or not. Additionally, they will look at your bank account and if the balance is below $2000, you will be eligible. Find out more on their website at: