Help with Bills in North Dakota

North Dakota is packed with single moms who are experiencing financial difficulties and need help with their utility bills. As a result, this article aims to match each of their needs with a particular program, benefit or non-profit organization.

Help with Electric Bills

DEMCO is an electricity utility company in the state of North Dakota and it runs the Operation Roundup Program. As the name suggests, the Operation Roundup gathers funds from donations of other utility customers. These customers agree to round up their utility bills to the nearest dollar and the money goes towards paying for struggling individuals like single mothers, the elderly and handicapped. If you’re in need of assistance, you can call the company directly or get in touch with them via email. Afterwards, you’ll be able to apply for a grant of a maximum of $2500. Additional details can be found on their website at

Help with Heating Bills

Regardless of the method of heating you make use of in your home; the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program will make your heating bill more manageable by subsidizing your rates or supplying cash grants to cover your bill. Furthermore, additional assistance is provided during energy crises. The level of assistance you’ll get depends on your income level and the number of people living in your home. If however, you are a recipient of other federal programs such as LIFELINE, you will be regarded as eligible for the low income home energy assistance program. Visit their website at:

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Help with Transportation

The Salvation Army is a Christian church that runs an international charity organization. The organization administers several programs to help people in need meet different needs like clothing and food. The Salvation               Army runs the Transportation Assistance Program which assists with transportation expenses in the following ways:

  • Gas Voucher: Gas vouchers are given out to people who have recently been employed full time and have not yet received their first paycheck, people who need to escape domestic violence and people who need transportation to a doctor’s appointment.
  • City Bus Pass: if you’ve recently been employed or you need transport to a healthcare facility, you qualify for a city bus pass.

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Help with Food and Meals

Providing sufficient food consistently is one of single moms’ priorities. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP) steps in to combat hunger and to ensure that all North Dakotans have access to healthy and nutritious foods. To be eligible to receive assistance from SNAP, applying candidates need to have a bank balance of $2250 or less, and if they live with either a person over the age of 60 or a child, then their bank balance needs to be $3500 or less. Read more on SNAP here:

Help with Household Items

The Salvation Army has been around for years, helping people in financial crisis meet their basic needs. One of these needs is  the need for household items. The Salvation Army collects and redistributes second hand household items that are in good and working condition. Here is a link to their website:

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Help with Clothes

The Community Action Partnership in North Dakota is an organization which comprises several agencies scattered across the state. This Organization was established in 1976 and ever since, it has been fighting against poverty and starvation. The community Action helps the low income population in several ways such as utility assistance and clothing assistance. They run a coat closet where anyone in need can get coats, gloves and other clothing items designed for winter. They also run an annual clothing giveaway, and as an added bonus for single moms, they supply diapers year round. Read more on this on their website at:

Resources for Single Mothers in North Dakota
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