Help with Bills in Tennessee

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Tennessee

Since single moms in the state of Tennessee are fighting an uphill and unending battle to keep up with utility bills like energy and water, this article lists benefit programs and organizations that make it less daunting for single moms to pay their bills. Most of these programs assist them with grants, discounts and debt erasure. Read on to find out more.

Help with Water Bill in Tennessee

Tennessee American Water is a utility company that provides water to Tennessee residents and they also assist low-income residents through the following methods:

  • Project Water help is aimed at making it easier for customers to pay their bill in cases of emergencies
  • Helping customers maintain a fixed monthly bill by educating them on how to use the same amount of water monthly
  • If you have accumulated unpaid bills, they will help you work out a plan to repay everything you owe gradually.

To find out how to get assistance from American water, you can either contact them directly on their help line or visit their website to apply online:

Help with Heating Bill in Tennessee

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is completely funded by the federal government. It was launched to ensure that those who earn less than the average income are still able to heat their homes and make use of appliances during harsh weather conditions like winter. This is especially beneficial to homes with retired citizens or infants and toddlers. This project works hand in hand with over 20 non-profit organizations across the state, to make sure that each state receives decent attention and resources. If you’re pregnant, disabled or taking care of a minor and you meet income restrictions; you automatically qualify for this benefit. There are documents that you need to submit when applying, find out more here:

Help with Telephone Bill in Tennessee

The National Lifeline Assistance is a benefit administered by the federal government to ensure that even the low income population has access to a landline telephone, monthly mobile data or internet connection. The benefit works by giving out discounts to eligible households. Discounts are determined by the size of your home and how much you earn yearly. The biggest  discount you can get is $9.25 off of your internet package or your telephone bill. If you earn less than 135% of the state poverty line, you automatically qualify. Alternatively, anyone who receives benefits from other state agencies like Medicaid and SNAP also qualify for Lifeline. Visit their website for additional details:

Help with Healthcare in Tennessee

TennCare Medicaid is a state healthcare agency that supplies medical covers to the struggling population, with a special emphasis on women, children and the elderly. Benefits of the program range from doctor visits, hospital stays and to prescriptions of long-term medication.The following groups of people will be eligible:

  • People under the age of 21
  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone who is legally taking care of a minor. The child needs to be a close relative that is living with you
  • People who are in need of breast or cervical cancer treatment
  • People with Supplemental security Income Check
  • People living in medical institutions such as an old age home

Visit their website at:

Help with Food in Tennessee

The Tennessee Food Stamp Program receives funding from the federal government and it’s run by the Department of Human Services. Many residents in Tennessee rely on this program to provide healthy and nutritious foods. Groceries like beans, rice, pasta, sugar and so forth all form part of the benefits included. Provided that you meet all the eligible requirements, you can apply by submitting an application form and thereafter you will be interviewed by a staff member before you’re given the final green light. Here is a link to their website at: