Help with Bills in Washington

This article aims to be a resourceful stop for single moms in Washington looking to make ends meet and at the same time ensure that all bills are fully paid on time.

Washington State Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

If your income lies just at 150% of the poverty line or it’s lower, then you may qualify for energy assistance through the state of Washington Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. How it works is it helps eligible candidates get grants from their energy providers. What makes this program reliable is the fact that it’s funded by the federal government and it doesn’t take your heat source into consideration .Get more information here:

WSSC Water Assistance Program

The WSSC water company ensures all their customers are able to meet their water needs and this means they are able to keep up with their water bills. In order to lend a hand to clients who are struggling to stay on top of their expenses, the company provides support in the form of bill forgiveness, grants to pay their bills adjustment of bills and more manageable payment options. Adjustments are granted in cases such as when water bills have been inflated as a result of bills around the house. Get more details on their site:

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PSE Home Energy Lifeline Program

If they qualify, single moms can get their heating bills reduced or paid by up to 30% through the PSE Home Energy Lifeline Program. It’s especially made for the population that has found itself in a financial crisis because of the pandemic. To apply online, you need to have a PSE digital account; otherwise you may phone them or visit their premises. The steps on how to apply and which supporting documents you can be found here:

Kaiser Permanente Hospital Medical Financial Assistance Program

The Kaiser Permanente understands that medical care tends to be a luxury for the low-earning population simply because they can’t afford it. To tackle this issue, they provide medical assistance for emergencies for patients that either have no insurance or their insurance doesn’t cover all their medical needs. Single moms need to use this Medical Assistance projects as a stepping stone to ensure that she and her kids always have access to much needed medical care. Find out if you’re eligible here:

The Basic Food Program

The Basic Food or more officially known as the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program ensures that hunger is reduced significantly in the state of Washington and other states. This body works by giving out monthly benefits to participants of the project and they then use those benefits to purchase food from pre-determined retailers. It’s worth noting that citizens and immigrants have separate sets of eligible requirements. You can enquire about the requirements on the official website:

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Good Samaritan Clothing Program

The good Samaritan projects was launched in the early 90s to help low-income people get access to clothing adapted to different seasons. It’s a subsection of the Goodwill of Greater Washington organization and it collaborates with community members, non-profit institutes and the government to help give out $25 clothing vouchers to people who struggle to make ends meet. This is their website:

NW Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank was established to help out families, single mothers and individuals who live on less than the average income by assisting them with second-hand furniture, clothing and other household supplies. The items offered by this project are in good working condition. They work on the basis on referrals and in basic terms, potential candidates are expected to complete a form of intent and from there the actual application process will start. It should be noted that just like any other program; they have eligibility requirements that must be met before any form of assistance is provided. Read on the application process here:

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