Help with Bills in West Virginia

Looking for help to pay your utility bills? This article discusses the programs that provide utility assistance and help to pay bills. Keep reading.

Help Paying Electricity and Water Bills

West Virginia Utility Assistance Program

The West Virginia Utility Assistance Program receives funding from Dollar Energy Fund to help low-income homeowners and single moms with electric, water, and gas bills. the program offers assistance in form of a one-time grant paid directly to the utility service provider through the applicant’s account. The program goes beyond the available funding support from the state, federal, and local programs. The program assists qualified utility customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Assistance also depends on the availability of funds and whether you meet all the eligibility requirements. Please note that the program guidelines and qualification requirements are subject to change. Read more at

Help with Heating Bills

West Virginia Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The purpose of West Virginia LIHEAP is to help low-income families reduce the cost of heating. The program makes direct cash payments to the accounts of utility providers. the program has a component of crisis, that offers assistance to low-income households facing heating emergencies, like, say, loss of heating source. You must be living in West Virginia and in need of financial support with energy bills to receive the program benefits. Do you or any member of your household receive SNAP, TANF, or SSI benefits? Then you are eligible for the program assistance automatically. You must meet the low-income limits. Find out more at

Help Paying Medical Bills

West Virginia Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP)

The purpose of this program is to help low-income families, including single mothers save on medical costs. How does the program work? The program pays back all money patients spend on their health insurance or that given to them by their employers or through COBRA. You may also get assistance from Medicaid to help you sort out medical expenses. Visit to learn more about the program.

Help With Food, Transportation, and Household Items

Emergency Assistance

The purpose of the Emergency Assistance Program is to help families meet their financial needs when resources are unavailable. You may qualify for short-term emergency assistance and obtain food, household supplies, clothing, transportation, and medical service. The program restricts assistance to 30 days during any month of the year.

West Virginia Other Needs Assistance Program (ONA)

Ona awards funds to help single mothers and other low-income families meet needs coming as a result of a disaster. You may qualify for transportation, among other expenses, as specified by the law. You must have accepted assistance from programs to be considered for ONA support. Learn more at

Help with Telephone Bills

West Virginia Lifeline Discount Program

This program is provided by Frontier, an organization dedicated to helping low-income families and single mothers settle their telephone bills. Lifeline service provides a discount on the monthly telephone service and quality internet service. Remember, you can only receive one discount as a household. Eligible low-income families may apply for assistance. To qualify you or a member of your household must be receiving Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, Section 8, or VA Veterans Pensions benefits. Visit for more information about the program assistance.

Help with Clothing

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR)

DHHR provides allowances for school clothing to low-income single mothers with school-going children. The child(ren) must be enrolled in one of the West Virginia-based schools. Each qualifying child receives for $200 benefit that the parent may use to acquire appropriate school clothing. Those eligible for assistance include children between 4 and 8 years, receiving SNAP benefits, parents/guardians with kids under foster care, and families with school-going children and are receiving WV WORKS financial support. Read more at,-2021.aspx.

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