Housing Assistance in Delaware

Delaware might be famous for its beautiful landscapes, dune beaches, and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean but something that could mark the perfect representation of this state is its housing deficit. Some residents cannot afford the homes they live in, especially single mothers in the State of Delaware. This is why there are several statewide programs and agencies which collectively tackle this problem as they offer incentives and housing assistance to diverse individuals who could use the help. This piece is highlighting a number of these governmental, private-owned, and charity-based organizations which do one or two things to help single mothers concerning their financial problems. Let’s discover these programs and find out which one is available for you.

Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA)

This establishment provides diverse programs and services to single mothers and struggling individuals who need housing or rental assistance. These programs include public housing, the housing voucher program, and subsidized housing programs too. Some of these programs have eligibility requirements as well as waiting lists. However, to find out more about them, please visit www.destatehousing.com.

Emergency Housing Assistance

As the name implies, this is a range of programs that combats homelessness and is eligible for individuals at the brink of losing their homes or for one reason or the other, are urgently in need of shelter. Delaware offers state service centers that provide emergency or transitional housing to individuals and families in need. The state funds private and non-profit agencies within Delaware that provide these housing solutions. These agencies range from The Salvation Army to Catholic Charities Inc and lots more. For more information on the emergency and transitional housing shelter operations near you, please follow the link www.contracts.delaware.gov/contract_archive_detail.asp?i=2815.

Emergency Assistance Funds in Delaware

Courtesy of the Delaware State Government, emergency assistance funds for rent, utilities, and emergency shelter are provided for low-income persons to help maintain self-sufficiency whilst preventing homelessness. Single mothers who need cash assistance for their household can apply for this program. Eligibility criteria for these funds can be found at https://dhss.delaware.gov/dhss/dssc/emerast.html.

Delaware Low Income Housing Assistance

Several state-based housing programs cater to the needs of low-income individuals and single mothers in the State of Delaware. These programs can either subsidize housing expenses or can help these individuals in need to lease privately owned rental units from participating landlords. To learn more about these programs, please visit https://www.hud.gov/states/delaware/renting.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a federal organization that is government-funded and can help apartment owners offer reduced rents to low-income tenants. To apply, visit the management office of each apartment building of interest and then your local public housing agency (PHA) to apply. You can learn more at https://www.hud.gov/states/delaware/renting.

Catholic Charities in Delaware

This is a charity organization that offers rental assistance services in different forms. Its basic needs program provides rent, mortgage, and utility assistance to single mothers and anyone in need. To find out more information on eligibility and how to apply, visit https://www.ccwilm.org/basic-needs/energy-assistance/.

Newark Area Welfare Committee-Emergency Rent Assistance Program

Newark Area Welfare Committee-Emergency Rent Assistance Program spends over $69,000 annually in assisting families and individuals in the Newark, Delaware area who need immediate financial help. This program helps with rent or mortgage payments, temporary lodging, and prescription medications to those in need. Single mothers who are having financial difficulties can apply to this organization. If you are interested in this program, please visit www.newarkareawelfare.org/emergencyassistance.

Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers in Delaware

Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers are created by the Department of State Housing Authority. The major goal of these programs is to provide secure and affordable housing for low-income families in Delaware. Single mothers who need housing assistance can benefit from these programs. You should know that if you are eligible for these programs, you must take part in the Moving to Work Program. It means that while you will be having a decent home for your household, you will also work at the same time. To learn about the details, please follow the link https://www.destatehousing.com/find/subsidized-rental-programs/.

Delaware Workforce Individual Training Account (ITA)

Delaware Workforce Individual Training Account was created by the Delaware Department of Labor. Their primary aim is to provide cash assistance to those people in need. Low-income single mothers can apply for this program if they do not have a job or cannot work. Please keep in mind that your present skill, education, and work history matter for the evaluation process of your application. Therefore, it is better to be careful while filling out the application. To find out more, please follow the link https://labor.delaware.gov/wib/.

Kiss Your Landlord Good-Bye

Kiss Your Landlord Good-Bye is funded by the Delaware State Housing Authority. This program aims to prevent homelessness in Delaware. Single mothers who need a safe house can apply for this opportunity. Apart from providing rent assistance, they can help you have your own home. If you would like the details of this program, please visit https://kissyourlandlordgoodbye.com/.

The Community Action Agency of Delaware County (CAADC)

The Community Action Agency of Delaware County (CAADC) aims to provide emergency housing for homeless people. Single mothers who are at the risk of becoming homeless or who are already homeless can consider applying for this program. The program hosts eligible families in the Wesley House Shelter and the Family Management Shelter. You can live with your children in these houses. Even if you are on the waiting list, they settle your family in a hotel for a while. If you are worried about being homeless, please call (610) 874-8451 or you can visit https://caadc.org/.

Legal Services Corporation of Delaware

Legal Services Corporation of Delaware is a local non-profit law organization that helps low-income families. Their principal aim is to assist legal guidance. Single mothers who are facing forced eviction or who already have a legal case can consult this organization. They also help single mothers become economically independent. To learn about your legal rights or you need a free lawyer, please find out more at https://www.lscd.com/.