Housing Assistance in Maine

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Many people living in Maine can have different issues with regard to housing. Single mothers are considered as one of the most vulnerable groups that meet with difficulties both in social and economic life. Other than surviving with their children, single mothers have many responsibilities for their families. Housing assistance occupies an important position in this picture. Well, the good news is that the federal government and local institutions have a series of opportunities across Maine in helping with housing assistance. Let’s discover some of the benefit programs for you and your family.

Maine Housing

Maine Housing offers emergency financial assistance concerning heat and electricity bills for those in need. This is an independent institution that was constituted by the Maine State Legislature in the late 1960s. Maine Housing also offers help with house needs such as blankets, woods, repair, and sewer. Single mothers who have low-income and need financial assistance can learn more about this institution and find out if there is available assistance for their home. To find more about Maine Housing, please visit https://www.mainehousing.org/.

The Weatherization and Central Heating Improvement Program in Maine

The weatherization program is a well-known organization across the country. The residents of Maine are aware of the cruelty of winter, especially in their region. As a single mom, you may have difficulties while paying your household bills. The Weatherization and Central Heating Improvement Program assist you regarding your utility bills. This institution not only provides financial support but also helps you to save your money and energy. In addition to this, they can offer to help with repair issues in your home. This program is not just for single mothers who are paying rent, but also for single mothers who are homeowners. If you wish to save money and energy, you find out more at

https://www.mainehousing.org/ .

Consumer Credit Counseling of Maine (ACCM)

It may be troublesome trying to pay your rent or mortgage each month. Consumer Credit Counseling of Maine can provide you with professional credit counseling. If you are a single mom living in Maine and out of all options, you can take your chance with ACCM. They can prepare a payment plan for you to spend your money wisely. It is crucial to be aware of how to spend your money in an orderly manner. If you wish to learn more about ACCM, please visit https://www.consumercredit.com/maine/.

Central Maine Power

Central Maine Power is a user-friendly energy company in Maine. Single mothers who are facing difficulties in paying their bills can consult this company. Central Maine Company collaborates with different non-governmental organizations in Maine. If you are interested in this service, find out more at https://www.cmpco.com/.

Maine Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF is a widely known program that is funded by the federal government. The residents of Maine can apply to this program to have financial assistance if they are in need. Maine Temporary Assistance for Needy Families supports single mothers until they can stand on their own legs and support their family financially. If you are eligible, TANF provides $582 at the utmost. Keep in mind that even though you are qualified for this program, you can have this money for 60 months. If you would like to be one of them, check this website for more information https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/ofi/programs-services/tanf.

Maine Unemployment Insurance

Being a good employee may not work in some cases, and you can lose your job for no reason. If you are a single mother and lost your job, not for your own fault, Maine Unemployment Insurance provides you financial assistance for a certain period. If you are eligible for this program, you can get your payment each week. To find out more about this opportunity, please visit https://www.maine.gov/unemployment/.

Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Pine Tree Legal Assistance is a beneficial organization for those who are in need of legal advice. Pine Tree Legal Assistance considers that only fairness in society can decrease poverty. They present free legal advice for low-income families in Maine. Single mothers who are having difficulties considering the legal issues with their homeowners can always consult this institution. They have three policies which are legal advocacy, information about your rights, and community legal education. As you can see, their legal service is comprehensive, and you can take your chance. If you need legal assistance, please visit https://ptla.org/our-mission-and-services.

Tedford Housing

Tedford Housing is a non-governmental institution that has a program called Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. This institution offers help with housing search and settlement, legal advice, financial assistance for rent, utility bills, and moving fees. It is a very comprehensive and advantageous program. It is for sure that there are opportunities for single mothers. If you would like to learn more about Tedford Housing, please follow the link https://tedfordhousing.org/.

Bridgton Community Center

Bridgton Community Center is a small non-governmental organization in Maine. Single mothers who are having difficulties paying for their winter heating fuel can have cash support. To apply to Bridgton Community Center, find out more at https://www.bridgtoncommunitycenter.org/.

Cumberland County Catholic Charities

Cumberland County Catholic Charities collaborate with national institutions to help low-income families and unemployed people living in Maine. They are also co-working with other local charities and churches across Maine. One of their programs is Relief and Hope. This program offers emergency financial assistance for lots of people, including single mothers. As a single mother, you can benefit from this community support concerning food, rent, housing, and utilities. To learn more about the Relief and Hope program, please visit https://catholiccharitiescamden.org/staff/cumberland-county/.

Portland Maine Community Action Agency

Portland Maine Community Action Agency is one of the most efficient non-governmental local institutions. They have a program that is called The People’s Regional Opportunity Program (PROP). This program has different dimensions that can help single mothers. These are as follows Rent Assistance and Homelessness Prevention, Foreclosure Mitigation and Housing Counseling, Central Improvement Program, and Maine Home Energy Assistance Program. This program can be a great opportunity for single mothers considering housing assistance. If you would like to apply, please follow the link https://www.opportunityalliance.org/.

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