Making Money: Being A Youtuber

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Have you ever thought of creating funny or educating videos? Making such videos and posting them on YouTube can be your major source of income. In this article, you will learn how to create and upload videos on YouTube and get paid.

For the last fifteen years, YouTube has been one of the most reliable ways of making money online in the U.S. Did you know that the top YouTube stars earn up to $20m annually? As a single mom, this could be an opportunity to earn some good money while entertaining and educating people online. It is about using your skills productively and getting the most out of it. Why not share the many ideas you have with the world and earn money?

Who Is a Youtuber?

In simple terms, a Youtuber is a person who creates content and post on YouTube. Videos are the main content on YouTube, and they can be informative, educational, or sometimes entertaining.

How To Make Money On YouTube

You are allowed to choose the kind of video content you can create. Remember, your choices are limited to educative, informative, or entertaining videos. You can make money on YouTube through the following ways:

  • Advertising revenue. Display, overlay, and video ads can help you make money on YouTube. At least you should be 18 years and ensure you can handle payments through AdSense or have a legal guardian who can handle that.
  • YouTube premium revenue. Here, you get paid from your premium YouTube subscriber’s subscription fee.
  • Merchandise shelf. You get paid when your fans official branded merchandise is displayed on your watch pages. Be at least 18 years and have more than 10, 000 YouTube subscribers.
  • Channel memberships. You get paid from the monthly payments your channel members make in exchange for what you offer. You should be over 18 and have more 30, 000 subscribers.
  • Super chat and super stickers. You earn from the money paid by your fans who want their messages to be highlighted in the chat streams. For this to work, at least live in a region where the super chat is available.

How To Become A Youtuber

1. Decide on A Niche

The first you need to do if you want to become a tuber is to decide the kind of videos you want to create. Decide which industry you want your videos to focus on. This allows you to stay organized and consistent with the video content that you produce. Focusing on a specific niche allows you to develop further your knowledge, and with time, you can become an expert in those niches. Are you a single mother with cooking ideas? Well, it is time to start earning money on YouTube by making cooking videos.

2. Establish Your Goals

There must be something you are looking to accomplish with your channel. Finding out which goals you want to achieve helps you focus your videos in a particular direction. It also improves your consistency. Of course, you can decide to become Youtuber simply for fame and make money. It is acceptable to do this, yes, but what will happen if your content has no value to your audience? You won’t be able to attract any more audience, and you may lose the subscribers you have already won before.

3. Brainstorm Content Ideas

Well, you know what you are looking to achieve with your channel. Now, it is time to come up with ideas for your video content. You should be able to do this before even creating your YouTube channel. Do you know why? Because you don’t want to run out of ideas after creating a few videos for your channel.

Where can you source your video ideas? Watch content posted by other YouTubers. Do you think you can come up with something similar to that but unique? You may also consider the interests of your target audience. Think about creating videos that would match their interests. You may pick other single moms as your audience. Do you have some advices or maybe experiences you can share with them? You can talk about single mothers’ struggles and how to overcome challenges in life. Are you a financial expert? Show other single mothers saving tips, where they can get financial support, or maybe free grants to start some business.

4. Generate A Content Schedule

Creating a content schedule helps you maintain consistency and assures your audience that new videos are coming on the set dates. It also allows you to stay organized, and it keeps you on the right track. So, before you create a channel, develop a content schedule that you feel you can manage.

5. Assess Your Equipment

The quality of the content you will create will depend on the equipment you are using. It is, therefore, important that you have a clear idea of the kind of equipment you will require to make your video content. Of course, you don’t have to start over with expensive equipment. But you should have the essentials in place before you create your YouTube channel. You at least need a camera, camera lens, a microphone, video editing software, and maybe a tripod to start your YouTube channel.

6. Create your YouTube channel

Now, you can create your YouTube channel, and don’t forget to optimize it!  Pick a unique name, and that captures attention. Ensure you give a thorough description of the “about” section. Divide your texts into shorter paragraphs to ensure your content is readable. Include keywords in between to make it easy for people to find you. Learn how to create a YouTube channel at

7. Upload Your First Video

Once your channel is in place, you can start uploading videos on YouTube. From the list of your content ideas, chose one, and create a video that can capture your audience’s attention. Don’t expect your first video to be perfect. You can, however, learn from your first video content. Check on the responses people give about your video. Listen to their complaints. Are they suggesting ways you can improve your videos? You can use their feedback to modify your content while putting their concerns into considerations.

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