Making Money: Being an Uber/Lyft Driver

Many people think it is easy to make money as an Uber driver. But that is not always the case, especially if you are a single mother and you want to take Uber driving as a side hustle or a full-time job. You need certain requirements, including – age, vehicle, as well as insurance requirements. As you know, almost all states require that you have car insurance if you are a driver. All in all, you can still become an Uber driver and start making money. Do you want to become an Uber or a Lyft driver? You will get all your answers in this article! Keep reading……

Requirements Needed to Become an Uber Or a Lyft Driver

  • Ensure you meet the minimum age required to drive in your city.
  • Ensure you have a valid driving license.
  • You need to have a licensed driving experience of at least one year within the U.S.
  • You have to go through a screening process that entails reviewing your driving history.
  • Provide proof of your residents (either city or state).
  • Meet the requirements of auto insurance in your state. Find out more at

Things to Know Before Becoming an Uber Or a Lyft Driver

1. Always Keep at The Back of Your Mind That You May Not Receive the Exact Salary You Saw in The Advertisement

There may be no fixed salary for Uber or Lyft drivers. It all depends on the amount of time you spend on the road. It is important to consider the expenses you may incur as you drive on the road, including – repairs, maintenance, gasoline, and insurance costs, leave alone the taxes, and the commission Uber and Lyft take. Also, you might earn lesser salary than the one posted on the advert. As a single mom, consider looking for another job you can do on a part-time basis.

2. Know when peak hours in your location occur

This is the time Uber and Lyft drivers earn more dollars in an hour as compared to other times.  During peak hours, Uber and Lyft drivers raise their rates for customers. Peak hours tend to very early in the morning, or very late at night, usually during concerts, music and festivals, sports, conventions, or sometimes trade shows. Of course, being a single mom might put a lot of responsibilities on you that you might not catch up with peak hours. Instead, why don’t you stay updated with concerts, festivals, or even conventions happening in your area?

3. Know Your Service Area Well

However big your city is, ensure you know it well because this is the only way you can survive in Uber or Lyft driving. If you are coming from a smaller city or in a rural area, the only time you will earn good money is during the festival or other events.

4. You Have to Learn How to Balance Your Job with Other Responsibilities

As a single mom, you need a flexible job that allows you to attend to other duties. Being an Uber or a Lyft driver offers you the flexibility you need since you work on your schedule. You are the one to make hours for work. So, staying healthy is all up to you. Ensure you can balance your driving job and your other job if you have one. If you have a young kid, find a reliable daycare where they can stay while you are ta work.

5. You May Receive Tips from Your Customers, but It Is Not Always A Guarantee

Uber customers can issue their tips to drivers in cash since rides are usually paid via credit cards. So, while driving a customer to some event, don’t expect them to give you a tip. You can only accept and appreciate it when it is handed to you.

6. You May Want to Think About Driving for Both Uber and Lyft

Consider driving for both Uber and Lyft because sometimes they differ in terms of services; one may offer favorable services more than the other. Because you are a single mother, you want to go for the best in terms of payment. Why don’t you consider driving for both uber and lyft? Find out the tips for driving for both uber and lyft at

How Can You Maximize Your Earnings While Uber Or Lyft Driving?

Well, it is always advisable to familiarize yourself with various bonus options offered by ridesharing service. Always strive to see if there are guaranteed-pay promotions where you operate.

Take advantage of opportunities. Peak hours open an opportunity to earn more money from your customers. Although that will need you sacrificing to avail yourself during the morning commute, it is rewarding, and you will get the most out of driving. It may also mean you have to wait for big events to take place. Avoid overcharging customers, keep your car clean, and ensure you are using a reliable GPS.