Making Money: Freelancing

As a single mom, you probably need a job you can comfortably do from home. Becoming a freelancer is one of the fastest ways of earning income from home, and it has gained popularity over time. The fact that you are your boss, setting your working hours, and your rate of pay makes it the most flexible job you can ever find.

Why You Should Try Freelancing

To Showcase Your Skills

There are many people out there who are just born creative and talented. In most cases, such people love to have a chance to exhibit their skills or make use of their creativity in some way. Because this is not always possible with regular jobs, many people are finding their way in freelancing since it is the place you can put your creativity into good use. How can you put your idea to good use in freelance? It is pretty simple! Just create a good sample of what you do and place it in your portfolio. Clients visiting your profile will see it and in no time, you will find someone looking for exactly what you offer. As a single mother, you can use your skills to generate income. Maybe you can design, or generate quality content for your clients. Just think about what you can do with the talent you have been gifted with.

To Earn Some Extra Income

If you are a single mom, you know the challenges that come with raising kids alone. Depending on one income may not sustain your family in the long run. Even if you are paid a higher salary, it reaches a point when you need something extra because we both know how fast the salary runs out. Why not use your spare time to work on some freelance projects? join other single mothers today and earn some extra cash by freelancing.

Freelancing Opens Up New Options for Career

Becoming a freelancer prepares you for a future professional career. It also gives you a chance to further developing your skills. If you are someone who is open to new ideas and is willing to learn new things, you can surely get the most out of it. Single moms may find it hard to survive the environment of regular jobs. Freelancing opens up new career options that you can always explore and select what you feel suits you.

Freelancing Allows You to Work from Home

This is one of the main things that makes freelancing so popular and an attractive career to pursue. You can save a lot on working from home as a single mom – leave alone work-related expenses. You save on transport and time to and from work and having to buy lunch every day. To work from home as a freelancer, what you need is:

  • Stable Wi-Fi.
  • A phone number.
  • An email account.

Other benefits of working from home include; no more regular meetings and office politics. The only thing you will focus on is getting your job done and being paid.

You Can Have Some Days Off Without Having to Consult Anyone

If you have worked in an office, you know how hard it can be to get your day-off request approved by your boss. Well, with freelancers, you control your schedule. You choose when to work and when not to work. You are your boss. As long as you are done with one project, you can always give yourself a break from work. You can get back to work whenever you feel there is a need to do something.

Downsides of Freelancing

While there a lot of advantages that come with freelancing, there can be a few downsides as well.

  • Building a full-time income takes time. You are not going to create an account in some freelancing site and start earning income immediately.
  • Freelance income is not always stable. There is no specific amount you can earn in say, a month.
  • It requires excellent organizational skills, which can be challenging, especially for new freelancers. Managing multiple clients as well as their projects need proper organization.
  • New freelancers always get low pay, which discourages many people because that is where you start from.

What Services Do Freelancers Offer?

Some of the most common freelance jobs include:

  • Freelance virtual assistants.
  • Freelance content writer.
  • Freelance web designer.
  • Freelance web developer.
  • Social media manager.
  • Freelance marketer.

What You Need to Get Started as A Freelancer

Of course, you need to possess some skills that you can offer to your potential clients. Other things you need to consider include:

  • Confirm with your state if you need a business license to freelance. If so, you will need to come up with a business plan that outlines the services you provide.
  • You need to create a website that tells potential clients about you. Ensure you include a portfolio of your work as well as your testimonials.
  • Consider having a LinkedIn profile. You know this social media platform is where professionals connect, and it can be a great place to start your journey as a freelancer.
  • Have a cell phone number on which potential clients can reach you.

Where to Find Work

You can find freelance jobs almost everywhere. Search online for freelance jobs. You can hang around your target marketing and ask whether clients are looking for help.  Be there to provide help. Ideas and maybe resources needed. Besides, there are many freelancing sites you can visit to find work, including – Upwork, guru, freelancer, and Fiverr. Read our article Best Freelance Sites to Find Work In 2020 for more information about the freelancer sites you may join.