Rent Assistance in Arkansas

Help with Rent - Arkansas

Many single mothers are low-income earners and therefore they live from paycheck to paycheck and this makes it difficult as they have to choose among essential needs such as rent, food, utilities, health care, transport, and daycare. Compromising on these needs leads to a decreased quality of life and it can be difficult to recover from it. There can be unforeseen expenses that can lead families into financial challenges. When that happens, it can be devastating but there is a way out. Several organizations in Arkansas have established instrumental programs to empower the single mother to survive a financial crisis. This article will elaborate on these programs and how to gain access to the free services offered.

Churches / Charities Help

The Conway Ministry helps with the emergency needs and they develop personalized case plans to assist people to rebuild their lives by providing help with utility and rent payments as well as with developing a financial plan. Their rapid rehousing program helps those who are facing homelessness and those who have chances of becoming homeless. They provide furniture and home goods that allow families to transition into permanent housing. Another service they offer is the food pantry that is intended to assist with challenges that include food insecurity. Their Storehouse allows individuals to select food and hygiene products of their choice from the pantry. They work together with local churches and volunteers to serve the homeless in the community. The organization provides hot meals and warm clothes each night.

The Athens Ark has a mission to pull together resources to assist families and individuals to gain independence from their economic challenges. They offer assistance in the form of financial education, emergency financial assistance for low-income families. The assistance program aims to prevent homelessness and cutting off utilities. The Ark serves single mothers that have at least one low-wage job, the elderly, or persons living with a disability that have fixed income. They also help those who are faced with a sudden increase in the cost of living.

Eviction Help / Legal Assistance

A non-profit law firm known as the Center for Arkansas Legal Services (CALS) that offers legal services for free civil to low-income the community. They protect the legal rights of citizens and direct their efforts to develop solutions that bring justice to low-income individuals and families. Single mothers that need assistance will be required to present a declaration statement to their property-owner regarding their incapability to complete rental payments.

Shelter Assistance

An organization known as the Family Promise, advocates and raises awareness for the homeless in the community, and this encourages volunteers to give a helping hand to families and individuals in need of shelter. They create a way out of homelessness, by developing programs that will uplift people from poverty, and encourage independence. The shelter accepts applicants from families with children that are below the age of 18. All beneficiaries are expected to pass a background check. The organization serves particularly families, including single mothers that are facing homelessness. Their services include shelter and several prevention facilities that cater to children.  The verification process conducted before accessing the shelter can take a couple of days. They do offer referral services to help those in need of immediate assistance.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance

The Rebuilding Together organization does vital repairs to assist the community keeps their homes safe. Local groups work closely with the residence and community leaders to conduct repairs. They also address the long-standing revitalization of communities hit by natural disasters. Rebuilding Together repairs homes, focusing on major health and safety violations. They work together with other non-profit organizations to improve the standard of individual homes, as well as entire communities.