Rent Assistance in Delaware

Help with Rent - Delaware

The rates of homeless families, particularly single mothers, are ever rising. Being homeless leads to the loss of more than just one’s home. People experiencing homelessness lose all their property, clothes, job, and have no access to food. To be able to overcome their financial crisis they have to completely restart their lives and that is the greatest challenge. A single mother often needs rental assistance to keep their children safe and protected. They want to ensure that their children’s lives are not disrupted by temporary financial constraints. There are a variety of rental assistance programs offered by several organizations in the State of Delaware. Each program has its unique specifications and expectations that the applicant will have to comply with. This article will shed some light on the rental assistance programs offered to single mothers and their accessibility.

Churches/Charities Assistance

The Bayard House a shelter with a residential program that provides all-day care services to the following groups; the homeless, young single moms, pregnant women. The shelter program assists young women to grow into nurturing parents and gain independence. They offer services such as:

  1. Safe housing, healthy meals, and emotional support throughout the pregnancy
  2. Customized case management facilities
  3. Admission to prenatal healthcare, counseling, and birthing classes
  4. Childcare and independent-living seminars

Eviction/ Legal Assistance

Legal Services Corporation of Delaware Inc. (LSCD) is a law firm that helps low-income families through their non-profit law practices. They give legal advice and assistance to persons who cannot have the funds for a private attorney. LSCD gives them a chance to practice the rights they have been awarded by the law. The precise sum of the income that is required to qualify for the program depends on the size of your family. If the applicant qualifies for food stamps, and other public assistance programs, then they will most likely be eligible for the legal help benefits. The organization takes on legal issues that compromise the financial independence of low-income citizens, to enable the family to live with dignity. They aim to protect the rights of households particularly in cases that involve affordable and safe housing, consumer protection, and financial stability. All these benefits are given to eligible applicants for free.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance

The National Council on Agriculture Life and Labor (NCALL) is a non-profit organization that helps in the development of affordable housing for low-income earning families, farmworkers, and the elderly. Their technical assistance comprises housing development, asset management, and organizational development services. They have housing development technical assistance programs which help nonprofit sponsors when renovating affordable apartment communities throughout each step of the process. The organization helps with the improvement of numerous, dissimilar affordable housing communities, that consist of transitional housing, multi-family rental, single room occupancy, elderly rental, single-family housing subdivisions, housing for farmworkers, and rehabilitation.

Housing Authority Assistance

A non-profit organization is known as the Housing Alliance in Delaware offers statewide assistance to quench the need for affordable housing emanating from the community. They aim to reduce the frequency of homeless families. They manage four major programs, and these are; Centralized Intake, the Policy and Community development, The Community Management Information System, and Delaware Continuum of Care. Their program is known called the policy and community development program. It discusses issues that revolve around homelessness and housing affordability. They develop solutions to these problems at both state and local panels. Their services also assist local organizations to improve the community. Housing Alliance Delaware has a program that coordinates statewide emergency shelters and housing resources for families and individuals facing homelessness. This program is known as the Centralized Intake Program.