Rent Assistance in Florida

Help with Rent - Florida

Rental payments can take up a great portion of one’s earnings. This leaves them with very little to spend on other essential needs such as clothing, food, and medical services. Unfortunately, that most single mothers find themselves stranded as they try to provide for their families and ensure the safety of their children. They can ease the financial burden by accessing rental assistance programs that are offered by different organizations.  Women that have been in a residential program have a chance at eventually being able to effectively progress to acquiring permanent housing and eventually gain complete independence from the programs. In Florida, These services are given to those who are vulnerable in the community. The services are coupled with various programs such as case management or financial assistance where it is needed. Read this article to learn more about the different programs provided in Florida and select the best one to suit your current situation.

Churches/Charities Assistance

A non-profit known as the Sunshine for All organization was established with the intention of serving the needs of vulnerable residents by offering services for the coordination and delivery of social services to low-income earning and at-risk members of society. They offer services encompassing housing assistance, home-delivered meals, social service referrals, case management, homemaker services, and housing inspections.

The ALPHA House of Pinellas County has a goal to inhibit cyclic homelessness as well as child abuse by offering a secure residence and helpful facilities to homeless expecting women and infants. The organization equips women with the education, job skills, parenting skills, spiritual foundation, positive self-esteem necessary to effectively nurture children, conquer long-term housing, and care for the society of independent mothers. They participate in the community through an outreach program that offers several families necessary child care items every year. Homeless pregnant women are given baby items as well as safe housing. The services are extended to new mothers with infants, pregnant teens, and families going through crisis pregnancies. They are the only organization with a maternity housing program in the county. There are is no limitation in terms of income, age, or any other parameters.

Eviction/ Legal Assistance

Gulfcoast Legal Services (GLS) gives legal housing assistance for free to low-income earners and senior citizens. They handle cases such as:

  1. When the landlord declines to complete the necessary repairs to a rental property to guarantee safety and security.
  2. Single mothers who have been rejected housing or facing unfair treatment can benefit from the enforcement of the fair housing laws during the legal proceedings.

Shelter Assistance

The Adopt-A-Family organization has an aim to support single-mother families and children as they work towards attaining stability and independence. They give services to thousands of households per year. They provide support services and a range of housing services to cater to the diverse groups they serve. The agency has housing units that are exclusively for families that are accurately homeless. There are other programs directed to low-income working households wanting to become homeowners. The agency also runs financial assistance programs that are used under the homeless prevention programs. An additional service offered is the after-school programming for low-income and homeless students in the community. All support services involve mental health counseling, case management, and referrals to affiliated agencies.

Housing Authority Assistance

Florida Non-profit Housing (FNPH) offers services that are intended to empower the community and help low-income single mothers to get safe, decent, and inexpensive housing by offering technical assistance, strategic planning, education, and training services. They help in improving the performance of the organizations that they serve.