Rent Assistance in Iowa

Help with Rent - Iowa

Hardworking single mothers can experience financial challenges. They can find it difficult to fully provide for their children, therefore several organizations have resorted to developing rental assistance programs to help single mothers and other members in the community to always have safe accommodation and reduce the risks associated with homelessness. Each organization has a different set of requirements that each applicant is expected to align to be successfully accepted into the program. This article intends to assist single moms to gain more knowledge on the various programs available in Iowa.

Churches/Charities Assistance

A non-profit known as CROSS Outreach that tackles homelessness. They help children, women, and men and this includes low-income earning single mother that is struggling to provide for their families due to the economic challenges. This organization also assists persons living with a disability that are already receiving social security welfare that hardly caters for the rent; families that have been evicted; individuals dealing with mental illness; immigrants and refugees; and military service veterans. At the CROSS Outreach, they assist families by helping them with rent, electricity and water bills, and security deposits. The application process involves a phone interview. Single mothers that are applying for rental or security deposit assistance might be expected to provide the Landlord Mortgage Holder Statement. The assistance is only given to an applicant only once a year. The small organization survives on donations from the community and other businesses therefore the assistance offered is dependent on the available risks.

The HOME Inc. helps renters and landlords all through the State of Iowa. They assist them to comprehend their housing responsibilities and rights by offering education and counseling services. HOME Inc. does not offer legal advice. They have a compiled Rental Housing Handbook which details housing rights for renters. Confidential counseling is available for free to renters and those interested in acquiring long-term rental housing or home ownership. They provide referrals as well as information to guide renters on issues such as rental deposits, evictions, rental home repair. Their program known as Hope for Stable Families assists people that are homeless. The education on housing is conducted through workshops, community fairs, and briefings.

Shelter Assistance

The Shelter House provides safe accommodation and assists people to elevate their standard of life as they transition from homelessness. Currently, the shelter hosts 70-beds for emergency accommodation, four homes as well as an apartment building that provides long-term housing. They concentrate on programs that encompass housing, mental health, and employment, to assist families and individuals to gain independence. The shelter offers individuals and families, including single mothers, a bed, food, bathing facilities, clothing, and laundry facilities. They provide links to housing, employment, and health care services.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance

The City of Iowa runs a home improvement program that offers loans at zero interest and grants to assist in completing repairs to their homes. Services staff will conduct home inspections, identify repairs required, develop a work plan, and collect offers from contractors. The housing rehabilitation aims to improve:

  1. Energy Efficiency

The funding can be used for costs that are associated with buying a high-efficiency furnace, insulation, and alteration of heating system.

  1. Comprehensive rehabilitation

The grant can be used for structural rehabilitation so that the housing aligns with the set housing standards. Financed costs include water, furnaces, sanitary fixtures, heaters, roofs, fixed electrical equipment, windows, flooring, siding, windows.

  1. Emergency repair assistance

The assistance can be utilized for the improvement of main housing code violations that makes the house unsafe or uninhabitable.

  1. Exterior Repair

For exterior repair, the focus is the main structure plus the gutter and roof repair, paint, siding, windows, and foundation repair.