Rent Assistance in Kansas

Help with Rent - Kansas

Several aspects influence the lack of inexpensive rental homes for low-income earning single mothers. Assistance from Public housing can take long and often an applicant has to wait for up to one year before being issued a home. Furthermore, public housing authorities often have stringent eligibility guidelines which most single mothers struggle to align with. Homeless single moms usually have undesirable credit because of their numerous financial challenges and absence of the resources required to pay application fees even though they are repeatedly denied. However, some organizations can help, with little to no eligibility requirements. These programs available in Kansas will be discussed in detail in this article,

Churches/Charities Assistance

The Northland Assistance Center (NAC) is dedicated to standing for the members of the community that are in need. It is a non-profit organization that depends on donations from generous businesses and individuals in the community. This faith-based organization gives emergency assistance services to single-mother families in Missouri. The NAC offers eligible individuals and families financial assistance, food, case management, crisis intervention, as well as links to other assistance programs. The financial assistance offered is limited and can only be used for rental payments, utility bills, transportation costs, prescription drugs, medical services, and short-term housing costs. Under the food assistance program, eligible families and individuals receive a wide array of fresh and dry foodstuffs once a month as they work to settle the challenges they are faced with. Before receiving the assistance single mother will be evaluated through a database provided by the Mid-America Assistance Coalitions Client Tracking Database. The funds for the financial assistance are paid straight to the collector or by voucher.

Shelter Assistance

The Manhattan Emergency Shelter Inc. (MESI) offers three key programs to the community. Namely the homelessness rental assistance, supportive housing, emergency shelter. Emergency shelter is also accessible from the Caroline Peine Transitional Shelter.  The Supportive Housing Program and the Homeless Rental Assistance Program offer long-term as well as short-term housing to people facing homelessness in Riley County. At MESI they aim to encourage single mothers to be independent and also avail safe and secure shelter to the community.

The Sheffield Place serves homeless single mothers and their children.  The organization has assisted thousands of families to transition from homelessness and gain independence. They enable families to recover from the extreme trauma they have undergone. They are committed to serving members of the community that have several barriers inhibiting them from achieving success. These include addiction, mental health, domestic violence, criminal convictions, and low educational achievements. Beneficiaries have access to trauma recovery and Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) to kick start the process of healing and can access rigorous addiction recovery and mental health services. The organization also provides experienced case managers.  Families are given the liberty to stabilize and move into long-term housing available in the community. These services are available to single moms for as long as they need them.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance

The Mennonite Housing Rehabilitation Services Inc. helps people that cannot access decent housing or home repair. The organization provides a selection of inexpensive housing to low-income earners as well as to the elderly. They have repaired and built numerous houses to cater to the need for affordable and decent housing. They work together with local businesses, churches, individuals, and foundations to further address the need for safe housing in the community. They provide financial assistance and supervision support for home improvement services for low-income earners. The funding can be used to improve weatherization as well as improve the health and safety standards of the home.