Rent Assistance in Kentucky

Help with Rent - Kentucky

The biggest challenge faced by those experiencing financial constraints is the lack of capability to endure tough financial conditions. The condition can bring about more problems that can lead to loss of housing. Single mothers and their children are some of the most vulnerable groups and therefore they need to maintain safe housing, therefore several organizations have developed programs to ensure that they have a secure home. This article will help in learning more about the different programs available and how to access them.

State Rent Assistance Programs in Kentucky

Team Kentucky manages an emergency rental assistance program named as The Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund which is backed by the U.S. Treasury. The aim is to help tenants in Kentucky with rental and utility payments to ensure that they maintain their housing. They cover rent that is in arrears as well. This also assists in reducing the number of eviction court cases. The assistance funds are distributed as lump-sum payments to utility providers and landlords. Once the funding is exhausted then the program will close. When seeking rental assistance, there must be evidence of pending eviction such as a letter from the landlord, eviction notice, a pending court eviction, or any comparable document. When seeking utility assistance on payments in arrears, the most recent utility bill must be provided.

Churches / Charities Rent Assistance in Kentucky

The Hope House runs a Program Living which is a facility for Women. They provide them with bedrooms, living quarters, classrooms, staff offices, and counseling which is held in their family visitation room. Future development plans include the construction of aftercare apartments for women who graduate from the program and their children. The children will reside with their mothers once they regain custody and register at the closest elementary school. Currently, they offer financial assistance is distributed according to each case presented and is solely utilized for utility and rent payments in arrears. Their financial funding is attainable once a month. They also have an advocacy program that aims to assist by providing immediate care and consult with the family or individual to develop a strategy toward overcoming their challenges.

Eviction / Legal Assistance in Kentucky

The Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky Inc. is commonly known as the AppalReD. It is a non-profit law firm that offers civil legal assistance for free to qualifying, low-income individuals in Kentucky. Their paralegals, attorneys, and legal secretaries work to enhance the lives of their clients. They assist clients to acquire and maintain basic needs such as safe housing, sturdy income, and protection from abuse, sufficient health care, food, and personal safety. The firm provides an exclusive Volunteer Lawyers Program, and their Low Income Tax Clinic extends to offer assistance with income tax challenges. They do not help with issues surrounding criminal law. Pro bono services are available to serve low-income earners in the community.

Shelter Assistance in Kentucky

Operation Care is a non-profit organization that helps people through its financial assistance program. They also provide services such as the transitional housing program for women and children; medical and dental care program which is state-licensed; program for prescription drugs; a food pantry; the program for emergency assistance which offers home furnishings, clothing, and food to individuals and families experiencing loss due to various reasons including financial challenges. All services are sponsored by financial supporters, donations, volunteers, and sales from their Encore Shop Thrift Store. They help with financial planning and case management with each family in the program. Local mental health clinics are available to address psychological needs. Applicants have access to pro bono attorneys who can handle any legal problems.

Housing Authority Assistance in Kentucky

The Appalachian Foothills Housing Agency Inc. is financed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. They provide rental assistance to qualifying families depending on their income and family size. The housing agency gives renters funding for a housing voucher, given that funding is available and it is reserved for qualified families.