Rent Assistance in Maine

Help with Rent – Maine

Finding a safe and secure place for families to call home can be a huge challenge due to the expensive rental payments required. Fortunately, there are organizations that have structured facilities to help single mother in ensuring their families have a home. This article will detail programs for rent assistance in Maine offered by different organizations and how to access them.

Federal Programs

The Maine State Housing Authority popularly known as Maine Housing assists citizens, particularly single mothers through the rent relief fund financed by the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The program provides relief payments which can be used for rental and utility payments to assist qualified renters to ensure housing remains permanent. The Community Action Agencies in Maine review submitted applications, verify eligibility, and sort out bill payments for the above stated expenses on behalf of the families. The family must have an income that aligns to the stipulated income limits. Applicants are expected to prove that they are at risk of losing their home or becoming homeless. This could be caused by taking out loans to cover housing costs, eviction notices, not being able to pay past-due rent and utility bills. The organization aims to deliver rental housing opportunities and affordable home ownership to the community. The Maine Housing manages several federal housing programs, including the Section 8 Rental Assistance programs, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, the Emergency Solutions Grant Program, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, and the Weatherization Program.

Eviction Help / Legal Assistance

The Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA) is a non-profit organization that offers state-wide assistance. Free civil legal assistance is offered to low-income residents. PTLA works to guarantee that federal and state laws concerning underprivileged people are implemented while also dealing with the general barriers faced by low-income earners in the justice system. They offer a range of services including simple advice and negotiations as well as full representation where it is required. The organization also make available comprehensible explanations of the law and other tools to allow for self-help. Assistance is given to those who need it the most such as families and individuals that require basic needs such as housing, education, food, safety, income, and other human needs.

Shelter Assistance

The York County Shelter Program (YCSP) is dedicated to eradicating homelessness and assisting individuals to fulfill their potential through housing resources and other housing opportunities.

The shelter also provides food and health facilities including counseling services which will assist in understanding and dealing with the issues that lead to homelessness. Single mothers can be linked to other community resources that help with transitioning into permanent housing.

The organization’s main aim is to help families to access permanent in housing which will ensure their independent living. YCSP offers affordable apartment units to individuals and families who have been staying at the emergency shelter. Those who require further assistance, will continue to receive support even after moving into the permanent housing.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance

Maine Stream Finance helps in ensuring that repairs in homes are done well to assist families and individuals to live in a safe environment. They offer Home repair loans which can be used to replace a roof, fix a furnace, installation of new windows, and improve energy efficiency. Maine Stream Finance provides a wide-range of loan to families and individuals that are experiencing challenges with finding credit from other institutions.

Housing Authority Assistance

The Westbrook Housing Authority has one-bedroom apartments available through the Project Based Voucher program. The subsidized apartments are intended for low-income earners including single moms and the elderly. Westbrook Housing has established numerous market rate housing developments for working families and individuals, as well as seniors. The main goal for Westbrook Housing is to offer chances for inexpensive housing to help families and individuals and eventually to prompt self-sustainability within the community.

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