Rent Assistance in Maryland

Help with Rent - Maryland

A safe shelter is a basic need that should be accessible to everyone in the community but due to the ever-rising rental payments, low-income earning single mothers can find themselves facing eviction and eventually homelessness. To protect single moms and their children various organizations have established rental assistance programs in Maryland. These ensure that their rental costs are reduced and this secures their permanent housing. In this article, we will discuss the numerous programs that are accessible, and we will highlight the services that they offer.

State Programs

The Maryland State Government has initiated federal-funded programs that offer rental assistance. This funding will be channeled to assist in paying rent, home energy costs, utilities, housing expenses, and other arrears to families that have been negatively impacted. Subsequently this department has also administered funds through programs such as Maryland Eviction Prevention Partnership and Assisted Housing Relief Program which functions as rental payment assistance programs and provides housing units in multi-family projects. Tenants in need of housing can access resources that they provide to compare the affordable units highlighted and gain access to assistance programs for monthly rental subsidies.

Churches / Charities Help

The Greenbelt Community Foundation provides a complete resource guide to the locals of the State of Maryland, with a list of organizations that provide financial or other assistance directly to individuals and families including single mothers, in need of the necessities such as rentals, paying bills, acquiring food, housing, and clothing.

Federal Programs

Maryland has launched a housing relief program that will offer rent discount vouchers for residents living in rental units in multi-family projects with single mothers included. This program is to help residents retain their homes and minimize evictions and homelessness, with the one package can cover up to six months of back rent; relocate households as needed; and provide legal services and case management to help residents with eviction proceedings. To be eligible for this assistance:

  1. The renter must reside in Frederick County
  2. The applicant must have had their income reduced or facing financial hardships
  3. The applicant should not have imminent eviction
  4. You must meet income guideline eligibility

Eviction Help / Legal Assistance

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) is a not-for-profit organization with the main aim of linking those facing financial hardships with volunteer lawyers to deliver free civil legal assistance. The MVLS helps applicants to settle their legal problems by pairing them with one of the volunteer lawyers who will then represent them at no cost. However, applicants must take note that they should qualify for the services by aligning with the following criteria: meeting the income limits, case type, and geographic recommendations. The organization gives legal representation for free to the public that falls in the category of being low-income earners. Single mothers that qualify for the program are paired with a skilled and experienced lawyer who will deliver excellent legal representation.

Shelter Assistance

Green Tree Shelter is an emergency family housing facility in Maryland. This shelter serves as an intermediate home, primarily for children and single mothers, who have succumbed to sudden homelessness. The organization not only provides short-term stable housing but also gives food assistance and the financial assistance necessary to reclaim their lives. This shelter also nurtures and develops a sense of self-esteem, self-help skills, and healthier relationships. Support services include counseling, parent education, life skills training, after-school tutoring, substance abuse education and prevention, General Educational Development (GED) classes, computer training, and employment assistance. The non-profit known as the National Center for Children and Families (NCCF) is a private organization focusing on child and family welfare with an obligation to help the poor, as well as disadvantaged single moms, the abused, mistreated, and abandoned children, and their families.