Rent Assistance in Montana

Help with Rent - Montana

A financial crisis can push single mother families and other groups in the community to seek rental assistance. Several organizations in the State of Montana have established programs that can help in ensuring that single moms and their children have their monthly rent paid. These organization and the offered programs are explained in this article.

Churches / Charities Help

The Mt. Olive Baptist Church prioritizes children and women in their community, and they assist them by providing them with a place to call home. To access help from their rental and utility assistance program, the following documents are required:

  1. The renter’s copy of the lease
  2. Current gas bill
  3. Copy of bill due for payment
  4. Proof of residence, and identification
  5. Proof of monthly earnings

At Mt Caramel they have a benevolence fund that is intended to assist only when families and individuals need assistance. It is given when all other assistance possibilities have been fully explored. It is designed to offer temporary help when facing a financial crisis. The benevolence fund is given as a one-time gift. The submission of the following documents is required to access the help:

  1. A copy of bill to be paid
  2. Lease agreement stating address of the recipient of the funds
  3. A copy of the lease
  4. A copy of identification

Eviction Help / Legal Assistance

Crowley Fleck is a law firm with committed team of pro bono attorneys, paralegals, staff, and interns that ensure significant impact to the community through litigation, structuring public policy, and transactional work. Their give legal representation to underprivileged groups in the community.

They speak for families residing in hazardous housing conditions, offer guardianship to children experiencing family law matters, provide an escape plan for experiencing abusive relationships, and they help in protecting senior citizens from scams. Before accessing the assistance, all applicants are vetted to confirm their financial eligibility utilizing federal poverty guidelines. Cases with extraordinary circumstances are given priority.

The application to the Pro-Bono program is given by the link below.

Shelter Assistance

A non-profit organization known as the Poverello Center is dedicated to offering shelter, food, clothing as well as additional essential services to those in need in the community. They also work together with government agencies, local groups, and community members to combat issues regarding homelessness, poverty, and hunger. The organization intends to work clients to assist them to gain independence and therefore enhance the quality of health as well as in developing a sustainable way of living for the clients. The shelter offers accommodation for a short-term basis, this allows time for the family or individual to find a suitable place to stay.

Housing Authority Assistance

A voluntary program known as the Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) that is intended to assist families and individuals to attain economic independence. The program is designed for families and individuals with housing vouchers from the Missoula Housing Authority (MHA) or single moms who reside in public housing. To participate in the program single mother should have the zeal to achieve economic independence. The FSS program allows them to set up an account where the client’s saving for rental payment increases once they are employed, a percentage goes directly into the account each month. The funds saved in the account are given to the client at the end of the program. If a significant amount is saved, it will enable them to buy a home. The organization also administers federal grants and subsidies that offer rental assistance and homeownership assistance as well as other supportive services. The MHA is planning on venturing into programs that serve a wide range of rent and income levels. Their aim is that the higher income properties provide supplementary financial support for the lower income properties.