Rent Assistance in Nevada

Help with Rent - Nevada

When it comes to providing basic needs, low-income earning single mothers tend to have a challenge. They have to ensure that their children are in a safe and clean environment and this attracts very expensive rental payments which can take up well over half of their monthly earnings. The high rental expenses may cause families to be evicted from their homes and eventually homeless. Several organizations in Nevada noticed this problem and have since started a few programs which ensure the safety of women and children. In this article, we will clarify the different services helping with rent and how to gain access to them.

Churches / Charities Help

The Hope Link offers rent as well as utility assistance to those in need in the community. To be eligible for these assistance programs, applicants should be faced with an unforeseen change of circumstances such as a medical crisis, job loss, and any other emergency. The Hope Link’s rental assistance offer is funded by a variety of state, federal, and local grants as supplemental crisis funding for the community when in need. There are specific qualifications required to be eligible for the assistance. The case manager at Hope Link assesses if the applicant qualifies, dependent on the grant guidelines. The organization offers emergency shelter by issuing motel and hotel vouchers for various locations. The program is intended for individuals as well as families that will not be accommodated in mass shelters and have been referred by a different agency. Case managers use this resource for eligible clients once they have been trained in placement agency protocols.

Eviction Help / Legal Assistance

A non-profit organization known as Washoe Legal Services (WLS) offers legal assistance. They aim to make sure that access to justice is given to everyone, particularly the disadvantaged segments of the community such as the impoverished, children, the disabled, the elderly, immigrants, and victims of crime. The WLS uses attorneys to assist in the program. Pro-bono service enables lawyers to serve their communities, fulfill their honorable requirements. The WLS offers Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

Shelter Assistance

A non-profit organization known as the Friends in Service Helping (FISH) aims to give a hand to those in need of emergency or short-term assistance. To receive assistance clients do not need to set an appointment. Assistance is dependent on the availability of funds. FISH is not entirely dependent on government funding. A large portion of their budget is financed by grants and donations from the local community. They not only create a safe living environment, but also provide nutritious meals. The additional programs offered are designed to encourage single mothers to gain independence.

The Shade Tree Organization offers single moms and their children a safe shelter when they are faced with a crisis of homelessness. The organization gives services that promote self-sustainability, as well as stability. The facility is open at all hours of the day, not only to single mothers but to other groups in the community too. They help in breaking the cycle of homelessness by addressing issues such as abuse that occurs to women and children.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance

The Las Vegas Nevada government has a program known as the Neighborhood Partners Fund which is developed to help in enhancing the standards of living through their community funding for neighborhood home improvement projects. The program equips them with volunteer labor, cash, donated supplies, and professional services. Single moms that will be interested in the program are expected to complete an application which will be reviewed to evaluate the eligibility. Applicants will all be expected to conduct a short presentation in front of the board.