Rent Assistance in New Hampshire

Economic security and stable housing are vital in a child’s life and therefore should not be compromised. Homelessness psychologically affects the child’s life and its impact can be rapid, intense, and crucial intervention should be conducted. The distress of homelessness can push families apart. Similarly, homeless adults require support to fully execute their role as parents despite the situations they are faced with. They are expected to create long-term positive advances to improve family steadiness. This article will detail different organizations which are available to help single-mother families to gain independence.

Churches and Charities Rent Assistance

At Isaiah 58 New Hampshire they offer the chance for families and individuals to undergo developmental change.  They assist those in need to acquire basic needs for shelter, clothing, reasonably priced housing, food, educational assistance, life skills training, and personalized clinical support. The numerous assistance programs are conducted by volunteers and mentors to assist beneficiaries to access affordable housing. Apart from general assistance, single mothers can also be provided with counseling services, and furniture. They also fight for justice in cases linked to hunger and homelessness. Their goal is to provide adequate housing and nutrition to families in the state. The transitional programs are meant to support beneficiaries on their journey to getting sustainable housing. Steadily they are working or increasing the number of affordable housing units that they have. They also have the facility to provide families with rental, utility, and transportation assistance.

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Eviction and Legal Assistance

The New Hampshire Campaign for Legal Services (NH-CLS) is a combined fundraising method for two of New Hampshire’s civil legal aid organizations: the New Hampshire Legal Assistance (NHLA) and the Legal Advice and Referral Center (LARC). New Hampshire Legal Aid (NHLA) paralegals and attorneys offer counseling, advice, and legal representation to low-income earners as well as the elderly in the community. They represent them at all stages of federal and state court, and in the presence of several government agencies, assisting them with civil, non-criminal cases about housing, family law, benefits, and employment security. They not only focus on representing individual clients, but they also stand for practices and policies that impact several low-income earning single mothers. The NHLA also offers all-encompassing outreach and training to, social service providers, low-income single moms in the community, and the private bar. They help residents experiencing pending homelessness due to illegal evictions or legal issues that may inhibit them from having access to federally subsidized housing. They are linked with the Legal Advice and Referral Center (LARC) advocates for clients to evade illegal evictions by giving them instructions for self-help via telephone. The NHLA challenges unfair housing practices and participates in community outreach. The NHLA works in partnership with LARC, to provide the Pro Bono Program and HomeHelpNH to reduce the occurrence of homelessness by either settling cases so homeowners can retain their property or cope with a smooth exit with a strategy to access a new affordable home.

Shelter Assistance

The Friends Emergency Housing Program is an emergency housing for families, every day of the week for all hours of the day. The services offered include short-term housing, intensive, case management, outreach, and aftercare services for households that are facing homelessness. They join forces with other corporations to provide transitional housing units. Once applicants qualify for the program, they will have access to education, support, and training to help them in getting long-term skills and gain access to funds to acquire and sustain long-term housing. Beneficiaries can increase the length of their stay when, there is a lack of inexpensive housing in the area, the services are meant to initiate steps to foster a rigorous, inclusive, and highly effective case management program. The goal is of the assistance package is to discontinue cyclic homelessness experienced by most families. Program beneficiaries are assisted to create a feeling of security, helpful educational and counseling services are given to assist participants to have long-term housing. A consistent, safe, and respectful surrounding to keep households together.

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