Rent Assistance in New Jersey

Help with Rent - New Jersey

The priority for every mother is to ensure that their children are protected, and that includes providing safe accommodation for their families. Single mothers tend to face more challenges as they function as a single-income household. Therefore some organizations have created programs to help and these programs will be further explained in this article.

Rent Assistance Programs in New Jersey

Mullin and Lonergan Associates manage the housing assistance program provided by the Borough of Manville. The assistance program is federally funded that is tenant-centered rental assistance. The services provided aim to allow for suitable, safe, inexpensive housing in excellent conditions for residents. The family’s income is considered when determining their eligibility.

Churches and Charities Rent Assistance in New Jersey

A non-profit known as the Newark Emergency Service for Families Inc. (NESF), is an organization is dedicated to offering valuable services to families and individuals that require assistance with emergency rent, utilities, shelter, clothing, and food. They assist members of the community that are homeless, facing eviction, seniors, the working poor, and those affected by natural disasters. The organization protects the community by offering service with care, dignity, and detail.

The goal is to calm individuals and families that are facing challenges, the homeless, the working low-income earners, and also give financial support to with the life skills training. Families and individuals receive support encompassing housing, emergency services, family development, health, and workforce development. Beneficiaries also can utilize case management services and links to other helpful organizations. Applicants will be accessed and screened. Families with financial constraints are given priority in rental assistance, utility assistance, and security deposit assistance. Their homeless quests have facilities to take showers, wash clothes, access light meals, and use the telephone. The rapid-rehousing program allows qualifying single mothers that are homeless to secure long-term housing.

Eviction and Legal Assistance in New Jersey

The Northeast New Jersey Legal Service (NNJLS) has skilled attorneys majoring in specific areas of civil (non-criminal) law that commonly affects families and individuals undergoing financial constraints, people living with disability, and seniors. The NNJLS Housing Law Unit offers legal advice and representation to applicants needing to avoid foreclosures, evictions, and removal from housing benefits. They represent those experiencing challenges such as not being able to make rental payments or dealing with harassment from the landlords or being victimized by biased business practices. The organization aims to provide justice to all residents in the area that are experiencing a financial crisis. This law firm is a private, non-profit that offers legal assistance in civil law matters for free. They also developed community legal education initiatives to enhance the public’s knowledge of their responsibilities and rights. Their areas of expertise in civil law are housing, public benefits, family, and consumer. The funding for the program is limited therefore all applicants will not receive assistance.

Shelter Assistance in New Jersey

Homeless Solutions provides a safe place to sleep as well as a warm meal. They are dedicated to offering residents the instruments they need to guide them along the path to self-sustained living. The Main Shelter caters to families, women, and men every day for all hours of the day. Additional services are given to the residents such as housing assistance, case management, life skills curriculum, counseling, medical services, assistance with job searches, childcare services, and budgeting skills. The Transitional Housing Program (THP) consists of 10 furnished apartments that function as an intermediate stage for households with adult members that are working.

Housing Authority Assistance in New Jersey

Edison Housing Authority is committed to assisting residents to maintain safe and comfortable housing. Their goal is to enhance the lives of low-income earners by offering them rental assistance, and mixed-income housing. The workshops and programs are directed toward helping community members to gain financial independence. Members of staff assist the residents, so that can eventually transition to permanent housing.