Help with Rent – New York

Single mothers in New York have experienced challenges when attempting to provide safe accommodation for their families. New York City is the largest city and is densely populated leads to having expensive rent and high housing costs. There are a few resourceful organizations that can assist single mothers and they are detailed in this article.

Churches and Charities Rent Assistance in New York

Nazareth Housing is a nonprofit that encourages housing permanency and economic flexibility among low-income families and individuals. They offer continuous assistance to low-income families to encourage housing preservation and sustained independence. In addition to housing, they also provide clothing, food, toiletries, and emergency assistance. Financial assistance is for necessary services intended to assist families to construct their monetary funds and skills to manage their finances. Case management accompanies the subsidized rent to being offered to single-mother families, and other groups in the community including people suffering from mental illness, and senior citizens. They assist families every step of their transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Nazareth Housing doesn’t directly accept families into the program, to access the help, applicants have to be referred by the New York City Department of Homeless Services before being placed in any of the programs. The Nazareth Housing’s Housing Stability Support Project (HSSP) helps formerly homeless families obtain inclusive case management and regular interaction with case managers to make sure that financial and housing stability is maintained. The organization offers eviction prevention support which is targeted at supporting families and individuals facing challenges that inhibit them from attaining housing stability. The program can assist single mothers experiencing arrears in their rent and utility payments, unforeseen medical expenses, and other crucial household requirements. The HSSP links families with appropriate benefits from the government, social service, or other community-based organizations.

The Bridge Fund of New York Inc. provides financial assistance to help prevent homelessness among the less fortunate families in the community. The funding is in the form of interest-free loans or grants that are utilized to settle the urgent crisis. They provide customized budget counseling to qualified families to assist them to handle their monies continuously. The Bridge Fund temporarily provides rental support and emergency food assistance to qualified families and individuals. The fund is for working poor families and individuals that can lose their accommodation but are not eligible for emergency government assistance.

Eviction and Legal Assistance in New York

The Mobilization For Justice (MFJ), previously known as the Mobilization For Youth (MFY) Legal Services, provides legal assistance for free to low-income earning families to settle legal issues surrounding housing, civil cases, foreclosure, aging rights, disability, employment, and government benefits. They aim to prevent homelessness, assist persons living with disabilities and seniors to live independently and maintain and grow their income. Their services include civil legal assistance, organizing community training and establishes partnerships, and part-taking in policy advocacy. They not only assist in preventing evictions but also observe the rights of the tenants to help them to get repairs to enhance the living conditions of apartment buildings.

Shelter Assistance in New York

The Neighborhood Assistance for Inter-cultural Affairs Inc. (NAICA). They run a Transitional Housing Program that can accommodate over a hundred homeless women and children which have been recommended by the Department of Homeless Services (DHS). NAICA is a non-profit organization that provides family-centered housing and human services. They offer customized case management and offer conferences to shed light on numerous matters. They work with residents to help them in attaining permanent housing through various opportunities. NAICA helps families, single adults, and senior citizen that are homeless or have a chance of losing their accommodation. Services such as homeless prevention, construction, and affordable housing development case management, legal assistance and representation, community education and development, and housing management. The NAICA manages a Prevention Services Program which provides rental assistance to eligible residents that align with the income requirements. The families and individuals experiencing eviction receive assistance with court proceedings, and financial management, and counseling sessions as well as employment training workshops.