Help with Rent – Rhode Island

Service providers that offer charitable programs to cater for rental payments aim to ensure that Single mother families are kept safe and protected at all times. Some programs require applications and applicants will be expected to align with certain eligibility standards. These standards are unique to each service provider. This article will provide information on the various programs that single mothers can benefit from.

Churches and Charities Rent Assistance in Rhode Island

Lucy’s Hearth has become a haven for homeless women and their children. They have an emergency shelter where families in despair are first provided with temporary accommodation.  They are then moved to transitory apartments before getting their affordable permanent apartments. They do follow-up programs to check on how the women and children are doing in their stable homes. The underlying factors which might have led to this homelessness are financial hardships, unavailability of cheap and affordable housing, generational poverty, family disputes, and divorces.

Eviction and Legal Assistance in Rhode Island

The Legal Clinic provides pro bono legal assistance to homeless people in Rhode Island. The legal services are directed to anyone in need of a lawyer but cannot afford one. The program is sponsored by Rhode Island Bar Foundation. It is spearheaded by a group of volunteer lawyer and undergraduate law students.

In partnership with various local organizations, The Rhode Island Center for Justice ensures that justice is served in legal matters involving destitute families and the homeless. They protect the rights of the community. The Center for Justice is a nonprofit making organization that educates the public about their legal rights through safety programs. They represent the community in matters of immigration, employee rights and compensations, unlawful evictions, foreclosures, unpaid debts, and bills. They also partner with local universities in law graduate training programs to recruit new lawyers in pro bono cases so that they make a positive impact where it is needed.

Shelter Assistance in Rhode Island

Crossroads offers the necessary services to its clients so that they can overcome their systematic homelessness.  They offer educational programs, housing, transitory shelters, and job placements to the homeless. They own multiple properties across Rhode Island which can provide shelter to various families at a time. Crossroads operates Education & Employment programs that provide the clients the adequate tools needed to obtain stability. They also have counseling programs as well as job training programs. They strive to find housing for families in shelters as quickly as possible.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance in Rhode Island

Realtor Foundation: Rhode Island is an organization that provides help to individuals and families that require rent assistance, home renovation, and additional housing-associated requirements. However, the Foundation has an obligation to give back to the community beyond all housing-connected programs. They run numerous financial programs, community activities, and scholarships. They aim to improve the standard of living in the communities by raising funds and arranging volunteers for residents and charitable individuals and organizations in need. They organize classes for educational and charitable reasons. The Foundation extends its assistance to support families and individuals experiencing a crisis as well as other non-profit organizations with the same mission. The intention of the Foundation is to offer means to assist in developing more productive and enriched communities by availing financial and other types of assistance.

Housing Authority Assistance in Rhode Island

Valley Affordable Housing Corp. (VAHC) is a private nongovernmental organization aimed at creating, possessing, and overseeing secure, clean, and appropriate housing for the community. VAHC is an autonomous organization renowned for both modern development and notable reclamation and redesign ventures.